3 Principles That Guide Serial Entrepreneur Zhi Ko

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most commonly chosen career paths young individuals are venturing into. They want to own a business, be their own bosses, and leave their mark on the world one way or another. The reality is that nowadays there are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world, and in the US they seem to be doing great as 62% of the billionaires are self-made. All in all, becoming an entrepreneur could be the smartest decision you ever make.

Zhi Ko, founder of multiple successful companies, saw the potential the entrepreneurial life had and became a serial entrepreneur. At the age of 31, he finds himself working as CEO of several brands, helping them down the road to success. Which companies are those?

  • CEO and Co-Founder of NekozTek: gaming and technology news and insight.
  • CEO and Co-Founder of Coindust : a micro-investment app that allows people to invest into cryptocurrency from everyday purchases.
  • CEO and Co-Founder of Noble 5: a gaming peripheral company that sells mice and other products to gamers.
  • Co-Owner of Radiance: an esports organization with various gaming teams.
  • COO and Co-Founder of Luxury Products Delivered: a luxury store that sells high-end items and collectibles.

The Experience Behind the Man

Born in Singapore, Zhi Ko studied at the University of Miami where he got his Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering while playing Division 1 tennis. He moved on to play professional tennis for a few years, but realized his biggest passion lay in creating companies that could provide customers with the best products possible and create communities that spread positivity.

This entrepreneur was able to turn his passions into a day job in many different ways. By co-founding Noble 5 with a group of friends, he put his college experience into play by exploring unique designs for gaming mice. The combination of his mind and his friends’ allowed them to bring something innovative into the gaming community.

His other passion was always sports, so he found a way to stay in it while becoming the successful entrepreneur he was destined to be. When he co-founded Radiance, his main goal was to create a friendly, positive, and respectful esports culture. Alongside his team, they select the talent, the content they create, and who to work with. At the end of the day, they want to spread the message that gaming is about having fun, meeting new people, and creating unforgettable experiences.

The Principles Behind the Man

Every entrepreneur has something that guides them through their journey and helps them make the right business decisions. Some hold on to certain values. Others have a set of beliefs. Zhi Ko guides himself and his ideas by what he calls “principles.” By working with him, you will get to understand what these three principles are and you will see he includes them in everything he does.

  1. Growth

His years in business have led Zhi Ko to understand high-powered brands—especially those powered by emerging platforms—are the key to success. This helps him and NekozTek spot markets and trends early. He is motivated by the desire to continue growing his brand and helping others climb the ladder as well.

  1. Experience

One thing that has always guided this entrepreneur’s journey is experience. From his years in D1 tennis to the time he spent doing business overseas, he has learned how to see the potential in a business deal and how to move through with them. He lets his professional and personal experience guide him through his work.

  1. Vision

Zhi Ko’s vision is his most important guide as it helps him focus on what is important both in business and in life. He sees the world through a rose-glass lens that makes him spot opportunities everywhere. Thus, turning even the smallest idea into a successful brand.

Branding for Success

For over a decade, Zhi Ko has operated businesses, navigated brand deals, and advised firms successfully. He is the perfect example of how choosing the entrepreneurial path can lead you to the life you have always dreamed of. To this day, he continues to work with different brands and he seeks professional relationships with top professionals, upcoming brands, and established organizations.

He is definitely the serial entrepreneur to keep an eye on. Make sure to follow him on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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