3 Reasons to Listen to the Frankie Lee Podcast

The internet still hasn’t settled on whether podcasting is the new blogging or not, but it sure is a popular way to create and share content. The podcasting world is growing by the day, to the joy of many who are finally able to find just the kind of content they like. For the creators, however, it means the market is slowly getting crowded. That doesn’t seem to faze Frankie Lee of the Frankie Lee Podcast, though.

Lee has a history of doing things his way and going against the expected norms. Having been able to earn his very own house by the age of 20—not an easy feat to pull off—he decided to sell everything he owned and leave his native UK for Australia and open a boxing gym.

Today, however, Lee is best known as the founder of ContentRemoval, the go-to service for the removal of unfair negative content and content that shouldn’t be made public. Lee’s latest passion is his podcast. It centers on personal development and entrepreneurship, and it’s compelling to listen for at least three reasons.

The Guests are Interesting

Podcasts live or die by two factors: the quality of the host, and the quality of the guests. Lee is a guy who knows about entrepreneurship and risk-taking, and he has a personable way of talking with the guests, helping flesh out the important places in their stories. So, that factor is covered.

The guests that come to the Frankie Lee Podcast are from different industries and walks of life, but they have one thing in common: they’re doing it. That it might be pulling off the whole digital nomad thing successfully, helping people get into the flow state, or being a successful bodybuilder. These are the people who can talk the talk because they’re walking the walk. So is Lee.

Lots of Talk About the Right Mindset

Different people will say they owe their success to different things. Some will say they had access to better opportunities early on, which allowed them to try until they succeeded. Others will claim it was the desire to change their circumstances that drove them toward success. Lee would credit his drive for success to an early clash with the exam-oriented school system.

One thing all of them would almost certainly agree on is that their mindset counted for an awful lot on their way to the top. Lee experienced that on his podcast; he found that having the right mindset is a common factor in his guests’ success stories. The podcast is a great way to learn the kind of mindset it takes to be able to succeed at different things.

It Gives Directions for Potential Change

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in life. In a lot of cases, it might look like it’s life itself that’s pushing people into the jobs they don’t like and a lifestyle they’re not happy with. This is one of the things where having the right mindset can help a lot, but there’s another way Lee’s podcast might help people get unstuck.

Frankie’s guests are living proof that it’s possible to live a life that’s, at the very least, more in line with people’s desires. Listeners might find actual, actionable advice that can help them change their life for the better. If that’s not a good reason to tune in, nothing is.

To keep up with Frankie Lee, follow him on Instagram at @Frankielee.

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