3 Reasons to Spend 10 Minutes a Day Coloring to Free Your Mind

The benefits of coloring are vast. Discover how coloring can open and free your mind.

The human mind is a different thing and amazingly acts according to nature. At the same time, it is more powerful and more fragile. But Peace of mind is a very compulsory thing to do a better job. In contemporary times, many mental issues are arising due to disturbance in life. People prefer meditation to assist them, but the meditation process cannot help people completely.

In this article, we will discuss three reasons why people are spending 10 minutes in a day coloring to free your mind. Give a read and achieve insight into why people are trying to free their minds from mental plagues through coloring.

Replacing Negative Thoughts with Good Vibes

Are you a victim of mental issues? Are you worry about the payment of bills, Health condition, Family, and future? The entirety of the above mentioned? If all these issues are creating negative thoughts in your mind, coloring may really help in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

The negative thoughts are replaced with more positive thoughts when ‘colorists’ respond well to coloring’s blending and the innovative example. The focus of coloring is to judge the issues deeply and tries to reduce them.

Neuropsychologist Dr. Stan Rodski clarified that coloring eliminated genuine neurological impacts, expressing: “We began seeing changes in pulse, changes in brainwaves… the most amazing things happened.”

Life is full of ups and downs. These downs and falls affect the life of a person badly. Coloring is essential to deal with these downs and falls. Mental condition is very important to create positive thinking. So coloring helps in making the mental condition better and better.

And speaking of spreading good vibes and invoking mindfulness, Amazon has a ton of fun coloring books that can be used for oneself or giving out to friends and family as great gifts.

A perfect example of this can be seen with the Animals Drinking Wine coloring book set below.

No matter what type of coloring book you might be looking for, Amazon is loaded with thousands of titles, concepts and creative ways to make coloring more enjoyable and fun.

Enhancing Mental Strength

As we know that coloring books can help discharge pressure in hard conditions; however, coloring books can likewise prepare our cerebrums, making us more proficient, logical, and intellectually solid. The brain’s portion cerebrum creates creative thinking, so coloring books focus on enhancing the cerebrum’s ability and boost it.

Believe it or not, coloring can really make you more honed and better. Leslie Marshall, a clinical guide, expresses that coloring “opens up the frontal projection of the brain the home of categorizing things in a better way and produce creative thinking – and concentrates the brain.”

It can improve thinking capacities as coloring allows the brain to concentrate specifically. Furthermore, clinician Gloria Martinez Ayala noticed that the coloring is so proficient in alerting the cerebral cortex that the pastime can defer or prevent diseases related to the aging process, similar to neurodegenerative disorder (Dementia).

Self Soothing

It is necessary for mental and physical wellness to control your stress activation system of the body (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system). Those people who follow the body pattern and know that their bodies respond to traumatic conditions are more resilient and have greater power to deal with issues.

During traumatic conditions, it is essential to learn about self-soothing and coping with the trauma. Coloring is an important one to develop self–soothing and deal with trauma because coloring helps with greater experience. It has the ability to deal with emotions and creates a coping mechanism.

According to research, it is found that coloring works effectively in different conditions to eliminate mental issues. In 2006, researchers of Thomas Jefferson University found that coloring and other art therapies are necessary to lessen fear, anxiety, and mental pressure during women’s cancer treatment period. This period is crucial for women, so coloring is essential to feel cancer victims’ women better and soothing.

Final Words on the Value of Time Spent Coloring

Life is full of wonders and bears many mental-related issues. People are distracting more and more. A phone call and a notification are also diverting people’s minds from their centered work. It means that brain ability decreases over time, and many mental issues are creating coloring is an important one to make a person’s life healthy and lessen mental issues.

It is very useful for those who are constantly facing the issues of depression and anxiety. And if you aren’t interested in getting physical copies of coloring books that you need to pay for, there are plenty of sites like, which have instantly coloring page downloads that can you click, print and start coloring in right away.

Coloring helps in mind exercise because it enhances the ability of cerebrum and motor skills. In the end, I want to say that if you want to become the healthiest person, then you give ten minutes a day coloring to free your mind.    


Written by Kristel Staci

Kristel Staci is an entrepreneur and freelance writer that focuses on everything related to social media, online marketing and finance. To see what Kristel is currently working on, you can visit her blog at

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