3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Marketing Strategies in 2021 With Chase Rogers

Chase Rogers is a top realtor with in-depth knowledge in real estate to make any client want to seek his services. He takes pride in personalizing marketing videos and getting the audience to engage for both parties to get as much outreach as possible. He adds value to clients’ experiences no matter the size of a transaction. 

Chase made a name for himself in the industry by establishing a unique brand for people to remember. He chose a unique name, ‘ChasingTheDeal,’ as his brand identity. He also created high-level marketing videos and put an intro similar to James Bond as part of his brand. He is one with impeccable achievements, such as converting one of the high floor call sales to $2.25M. He generated $20M in sales in 2020 and sold 2 of the top 3 sales in Michigan for the highest price per Sq Ft. 

Chase Rogers’ Background

Chase Rogers graduated in 2013 with a degree in Kinesiology specializing in sports management. Most of his curriculum was presentations and coming up with innovative marketing strategies for a brand. This learning method blended well with real estate sales, with the business becoming more and more tech-driven while still having to deliver messages in person. Shortly after graduating, he watched the show, Million Dollar Listing, on Bravo and fell in love with the idea of making it as a top realtor. 

Reasons Why You Need to Learn Marketing Strategies

  • To Establish Your Credibility

When you learn about marketing strategies, you will know what angle to approach clients to give them insights to trigger a purchase decision. When you have insights about the product you are selling and engage in those conversations with people, you will provide them with enough reasons to trust you as their agent or refer others to you. 

According to Chase Rogers, real estate is a relationship business outside conversations about houses. According to him, it is essential to be out there socially. Most of his clients like to go out for trips, play golf, poker, and all sorts of activities. In these types of environments, he builds genuine personal connections, which doesn’t come off like a sales job. They need to see you as a friend first, and you can back it up with your skillsets when they are ready to buy.

  • To provide you an advantage over your competitors. 

Marketing is inevitable in any business. It’s the only way to make known your products and services to the public. There are various strategies marketers or salespeople implement to drive traffic to their businesses. To stand out, you also need to implement a unique approach compared to your competitors.

Therefore, it is essential to fully understand all marketing strategies, the most used, and how you can chip in with your technique to come out stronger. Be sure to implement those tips in your business endeavors and try as much to come out innovative and to stand out from your competitors.

For Chase Rogers, he gets out there on social activities, unlike most salespeople, and connects with clients on a personal level. He also speaks about real estate in-depth, and that is how he wins clients.

  • Getting the Audience’s Engagement

When you implement proper marketing strategies, you can trigger your audience to engage or interact with you. This way, you can find out their wishlist and guide them accordingly to ensure they have the best experience and receive the products they want. When you satisfy your clients’ wants, you’re sure to grow your brand as they will recognize its value. Marketing strategies are tremendous forces driving traffic to your business. 

Chase Rogers implements high-end personalized videos that clients can relate to. The videos also have a catchy introduction similar to that of James Bond. His tactics have seen him win high-profile clients. Another strategy is connecting with his clients personally to ensure both parties get as much outreach as possible. He can direct them to the property of their best interest. 


As a realtor or any profession in any industry, you ought to learn marketing strategies to get the above-stated benefits. Chase Rogers has also grown to understand that marketing strategies beat the initial legends in his industry. Follow him on Instagram for more content.

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