3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Ridiculing Others According to Instagram Star Aleen Johnson

Many of us are still in the dark when it comes to recognizing and acknowledging the adverse effects of sarcasm, ridicule, or bullying others. The Instagram star has been a victim of ridicule since her early days and has successfully overcome it through self-analysis and by keeping a strong mindset. She sends out a strong message to others, asking them to focus their attention on more constructive activities rather than seeking pleasure by degrading others. She outlines some of the key issues that occur in those who are the victims of ridicule.

Roadblocks in relationships

Those who have been bullied since childhood, carry the pressure of self-loathing and rejection much later into their adulthood. The constant self-criticism prevents them from forging meaningful relationships. The lack of positivity casts a shadow over every movement, causing them much distress and negativity. Since moments of ridicule never completely disappear from the human memory even after several years have passed, it acts as a stumbling block to creating meaningful relations and engaging in quality family interactions. Such people often avoid group activities or interactions where chances of meeting the bully from the past are high. Such reclusive behavior causes them to withhold from positive social and family ties, keeping relatives and family members at a distance.

Workplace speed bumps

Self-hatred causes serious issues at the workplace, making it difficult for such people to work in a team and collaborate with others in the team. The sense of self-loathing can go to an extent of deriding coworkers and creating an atmosphere of disrespect and discord.

Emotional stress

Such people avoid public spaces due to the fear of negative self-talk making them lonely and depressed. Their fear of rejection makes them come across as cold and uncaring, thus keeping them away from forging friendships and partnerships.

Aleen has progressed from being judged and ridiculed her entire life for being promiscuous to making her innate nature her passion, and achieving financial stability and support through it. Such independence makes her feel sexy, confident and helps her stay in direct contact with all of her fans and followers. Aleen is a tattoo model on Instagram and is now “ready to boost her modeling career even more outside of Instagram and go beyond freelance work.” She wants society to accept heavily tattooed women, and puts them under the spotlight.

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