3 Sure Fire Habits Every Entrepreneur Requires to Succeed

I have had the pleasure of connecting with and coaching hundreds of hyper-successful business owners. Men and women alike who have achieved what startup companies lay awake at night dreaming about. However, after years of late nights, adrenaline filled days and caffeine binged mornings, there is a reason very few sustain the wear and tear this entrepreneurial voyage inevitably brings.

Online advertising, SEO, networking events, local breakfast clubs are great ways to generate business and create authority in the marketplace. But, these are not the deep-seated levers you press when reaching for big things to happen.

Throughout my successes, I’ve leaned in on three very simple techniques that even after years of ‘hustle’ still ignite passion filled days.

You know, the energy you have when you first start your journey, the excitement of that breakthrough idea, setting up a website, filing an LLC – it’s one big high.

What if you could still lock into that same unbreakable spirit with tenacity every day?

Well, you can. Here’s how:

How Hydration Can Supercharge Your Day

 Most business owners don’t drink enough water. It’s true. We desire to wake up with grit and mental fortitude fighting off morning anxiety. Yet, crazy enough, dehydration throws us off course.

You ever have a client request a refund, an assistant who quit, or have a disagreement with your partner…before 7 am? It happens, and when it does, you’ve lost control of the day before it ever started.

Turns out, oddly enough, water is the single greatest asset for these sorts of entanglements. To eliminate brain fog and avoid that reactionary response, the kind you go back to a few days later and think, “I can’t believe I said that”…grab 16 oz of water and get drinking.

Your brain is most impressionable in the morning. Therefore, if you expose yourself to garbage, you are far more likely to think about garbage. Unless you stop, take a nice, long, chug and enjoy the grounded state.

With hydration, nothing is as bad as it seems.

Your business depends on your ability to oxygenate your body so that you can think more clearly.

Why Fruit is the #1 Most Important Thing to Maximize Your Morning

Okay, so we know fruit is healthy. The crazy thing is most people avoid it because it’s packed with sugars. Turns out, though, these natural sugars come from a natural brain-boosting source called fructose. Before you write off sugar, pay close attention to what I am about to tell you. Fructose increases the electro-magnetivity of your brain giving you a hit of much-needed brain power.

Coincidentally, fruit also requires zero energy to process meaning as soon as it goes down your gullet, your body effortlessly and immediately uses it as energy.

Get rid of the agitation every morning by biting into a nice juicy strawberry or savor a small handful of blueberries, maybe even a nice ripe banana if you are feeling saucy.

Kill cravings and give yourself a boost to take your business to the next level.

How to Get 33% More Done In a Day and Still Have Plenty of Energy in The Evening

 The value of sleep for your business is unmatched to any other tactic in the book. Seriously, if you are reading this shaking your head in agreement, yet you still fall into one of these camps:

  • “As soon as I finish this last thing, I’ll head to bed.”
  • Anxious about tomorrow, depressed about the past, time to pop an over the counter sleep aid.
  • Spending your nights browsing Netflix because this is the only time for yourself.

I ask you one simple question, why?

Watching a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk maybe?

“Stop whining, start hustling.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Hustle works, but it’s simply a tool. Working late into the night is not a badge of honor – it’s a mark of disservice…to yourself.

Besides, no badge is worth wearing if you are so tired, you can barely keep your head from bobbing back and forth.

Six to eight hours of natural sleep is required to thrive. And late night television, sleep aids, and excuses are preventing the release of your sleep hormone, melatonin.

Without melatonin, your brain never truly shuts off as the stress piles on higher and higher.

Less excuses, more sleep.


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