3 Things about Business You Don’t Find out until You’re Neck Deep

It Takes Longer than You Thought

Projected turnover in a month? Designed the spreadsheet showing how you’d be at 30 customers at the end of the first quarter? Thought you’d have the sales funnel nailed by this afternoon?

Stuff happens, and things change.

In reality a healthy approach is that for every task you need to do, double or at least add 50 percent of the time you believe you need to complete it. Sure, it’s not always the case, but certainly you’ll find this can be a common theme in your first year.

You Can Only Rely on Yourself

No offense, business partners!  When a fire needs putting out, you are typically the best person to deal with it, just by default. When a project needs be guided back on course, a deal needs closing, or perhaps just a customer needs that magic touch, you’re the one that should step in.

Why is this? Simple:

It’s your vision, big guy! It’s your name above the door!

So let your people do their thing, but be silently poised to jump in and act if they need you. You’ll typically do the best job.

Where People Are Involved, Theory Doesn’t Always Work

You can’t always plan for how humans will react. Especially when several of them are involved.

Whether it’s herding them into your website, getting their opinion on a new proposition or trying to nail that Facebook ad, you’ll always find there are curveballs.

How to win here?

Try to anticipate the moves of your audience, based on testing and engagement. You’ll get better at it, but you’ll always be surprised, and therefore always need to be agile and ready to react.

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