3 Things That Make ZFollowers Stand Out in the Social Media World

Your followers count on social media platforms is no longer a vanity metric. Audience size is a strong indicator of your social media influence and helps build your clout. More followers translate to better engagement and influence.

From celebrities to influencers and business owners to brands, having an impressive follower count on social media is essential to get an edge over your competitors. According to leading Instagram marketing agency ZFollowers growing your fanbase with active followers is far more critical than just inflating follower count. Real and active followers help you attract more followers organically, boost engagement rate, and make your profile rank higher on Instagram search.

Having built a massive fanbase on Instagram themselves, experts at ZFollowers share three things that helped them stand out in the social media world.

Steer Clear of Fake Followers

ZFollowers believe that it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying fake followers. However, that can adversely impact your social media presence. “Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook purge fake followers acquired via bots, from time to time.

These inactive accounts do not engage with your content, hence, dropping your account’s engagement rate in the long run. Buying fake followers may give you instant gratification; however, they can jeopardize your social media account at any time,” share ZFollowers.

Grow Real Followers

Growing real and active followers should be the primary focus of your social media growth plan. ZFollowers elaborates, “Real followers engage with your posts in the form of likes, comments, and shares. They act like magnets who widen your brand’s reach when they engage on your posts.”


As per ZFollowers, “Responding promptly to your followers’ comments and queries, reposting user-generated content, and engaging with your fans through all possible ways goes a long way in building a massive fanbase on any social media platform. Brands and influencers must also create engaging content that evokes emotions and attracts more reshares.”

ZFollowers states that an impressive active follower count correlates to better conversion and brand reach on social media.

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