3 Tips for Finding the Right People and Building a Network from Ronnie Flynn

Hiring the right people and making the right connections in business starts with making good decisions. Building a business is a colossal task that stretches even the most skilled of entrepreneurs, and sometimes networking and hiring can often fall by the wayside. However, establishing a strong network and building a good team isn’t optional. It can be the key to your professional growth as an entrepreneur. For business connections, professional development, and even mentorship, a strong network can be the thing that launches you to the next level of success. Networking and connections have played an integral role in the life of Vuuzle Media Corp Founder Ronnie Flynn. The Tech Executive and Actor has worked with many individuals over the years and has seen how this can improve business. Here are some of the things he has learned about building a strong network and team.

Hire and Delegate

“My best advice is to understand that nobody can do it all. I have learned it is better to find the right people for each job required to maintain a project while also trusting the people you hire to do the work you requested them to do. I feel that no micromanager will ever get the results they need until they let go and trust the staff to perform at the highest level. To be a winner is to be part of a team of professionals who all pulled their own weight and finished together while being humble and thankful to God.”

Be Honest and Trustworthy

People like to form connections with individuals they can trust. Trust is a key part of networking. As an individual who has interacted with lots of people, Ronnie emphasizes that he knows the importance of being transparent. “In my life, I have shaken hands and told people my name more than 1 million times. I have had thousands of meetings, both good and bad. However, good people are hard to find, and a solid network is only possible when the relationship is built on truth and loyalty. Being loyal is something you have inside you. It is not a word we use in phrases to win the confidence of our peers. It must be earned with respect and confidence that who you are and what you are is real. I have built my career on being a leader and a well-known commodity that you can respect and know that what you see and what you feel is real. Full transparency with no bells and whistles.”

Work with People Who Share Your Vision

When hiring an employee or forming a connection for your business, it is also important to be discriminate. Not everyone will share their dreams and goals. Finding people who are the right fit can be a huge blessing. “I learned that building a successful team is about finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills who like to laugh and play. The fact is every person with whom I interviewed and hired all enjoyed humor. Bottom line, humor keeps things in perspective, helps dispel negative emotions, and puts the Vuuzle team in a frame of mind that helps them better cope with the day-to-day situations of film and television.”

No matter your industry, connections are imperative to help you grow. No company can survive with employees and a network to rely on.

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