3 Tips to Grow Your Following on Social Media Today

Social media is a fast and effective way to expand your home business. It is one of the best platforms to promote and create awareness for your brand. However, if you want to have successful social media marketing campaigns, it is important that you have a strong following base. Building your following on social media can help your business grow like wildflowers. A loyal following can help you boost conversions and gain more exposure. Also, it allows you to share exciting news about your company, interact with consumers on a more personal level, and improve an online community of people who have a passion for your brand.

You can only grow your following when you give your customers what they want. For brands, growing that following can be difficult if you don’t know how to get started. Therefore, this article will teach you the basics and tactics that brands use to win on social media today. The following tips are great for any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to grow their following and increase their social media presence.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is one of the most effective ways of building your following on social media. It should be maintained in various aspects like your content’s voice and tone, posting schedule, and responding to comments. Consistency enables you to strengthen your brand, build trust and reputation among your followers, and increase credibility. By being consistent on social channels, you can grow a loyal following, and they can also recommend your brand to others. Besides, you can make consistency a habit by creating and adhering to a schedule.

What is the importance of consistency in growing your following? Consistency helps your audience to recognize your brand and helps you to grow in audience engagement and reach. Consistent content allows you to show your audience that you’re active and share relevant information with them. 

Understand Your Audience

Always remember to identify who your target audience is. When identifying your target audience, there are factors you need to consider. The first factor is demographics; what is the gender and age of your desired following? The second one is their personality type and their behavior, what they like, and dislike. If you are marketing to other businesses, you should know what type of company they are and their geographic scope. The next factor to consider is finding your customers. For you to attract your ideal following, you must find them first. Therefore, understand which platform they use more, what they search for online, and what region they are from.

The founder and owner of Crow Creek Designs, Jess Crow, explains “When I started my social media journey in late 2018 with 10 followers, it quickly became evident I needed to make my mark in the woodworking and art world from a distance (Alaska). I was able to achieve 108k followers in 25 months by being transparent about my struggles in life and with my trade. Relating to your audience is integral to forming and maintaining a relationship. Sure, we all love the idea of a perfect life and every project going beautifully, but in reality illness and failures happen. By sharing my stories that I refer to as “challenge accepted” my audience knows I’m as vulnerable as they are to mishaps. I also make it a point to engage with them outside of my page”. 

Everyone starts somewhere and if you want to grow on social media you must be able to understand what your audience is looking for and be willing to engage with them.  

Moreover, when understanding your audience, you should know their buying behavior. Do customers purchase online? Do they make in the moment purchases? Where do they do their research before buying the products/services? Speak to existing customers and find out what pushed them to choose you and how they originally found your company. The last factor to consider when trying to understand your audience is examining your competitors on social media. Figure out what they’re doing and how their audience responds to them and you can even study their audience as well. 

Produce Valuable Content

If you want to grow your following on social media, ensure you produce the most valuable content for your blog and social networking accounts. Having valuable content helps showcase your website and business, which brings in more potential customers and more money. Productive content is essential in achieving business objectives such as thought leadership, lead generation, audience engagement, and brand recognition. Effective content also helps you build long-term relationships with your audience, leading to an increase in your organization’s revenue. 

Moreover, the content enables you to cement your position for your customers so they can trust and depend on you. Ensure you operate with a content strategy that helps you achieve your social content marketing goals. A content strategy also acts as a plan for creating, distributing, and coordinating your organization’s content.

When you use social media platforms strategically and thoughtfully, it can be a great way to connect your brand and organization with a loyal following. Try out the above tips to start building your social media following today.

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