3 Twitter Marketing Tips From A Pro With 1.8 Million Followers

Out of all of the social media platforms, which one is the best? Well, they all have their advantages and benefits for your business. For those of you who have found Twitter as your social network of choice, or if you are currently still deciding, there are certain strategies you can use to operate your Twitter account like a pro.

When it comes to building your Twitter marketing, you must learn from the people who have been there and done it before. Twitter marketing influencers are everywhere and there are plenty of people you can take a look at, however, one person I want to look at individually is Nathan Pirtle, owner of Work With The Coach, who has an amazing 1.8 million followers on his Twitter account.

Now Nathan doesn’t have any special powers or insider knowledge of how to make Twitter magically happen for him, but he does have some special strategies in which I want to share with you today. These will help your Twitter marketing soar and you will begin to make the most out of this social network.

1. Treat Twitter Like Your House

You wouldn’t keep your house a mess would you? If you do you probably don’t have a lot of company over. Same thing applies here. Treat your Twitter page like your house. If your house is messy and everything is a wreck, most people aren’t going to stay there. But if it’s clean and organized, people will want to stay longer and hang around. It’s simple ergonomics. When people are comfortable, having fun, or being informed they will stay.

As a good housekeeper, you want to have a place for everything and have everything in it’s place. It’s Feng Shui for the home and it makes our mind feel better about our atmosphere. With Twitter, there is a place for everything you do.

Take notice of your pinned post. It’s the billboard for your home on Twitter. This is what everyone is going to see. Make it a good one. Allow it to help people in some way or point them in the right direction in their pain points. Remember to keep track of these pinned posts as well so you can determine if this tweet is ‘in the right place’. By tracking the metrics you will learn what your followers are enjoying and what they’re not. Keep something up which will cause them to take action on your pinned post.

2. Retweet yourself

Oh no you didn’t!

When Twitter began to allow us to retweet our posts they gave us a great gift. A lot can get lost in the noise on Twitter. Your followers will be active on your stream and this is something you need to track.

By tracking the best performing tweets and then retweeting them allows other followers to see what they might have missed from you earlier. Retweeting yourself may sound like a bad thing, and I’ve even heard you shouldn’t do it, but if you want the maximum results from your followers, start smashing the retweet button on your best posts and your conversions will rise.

The perfect tweet doesn’t just happen either. Search hashtags and keywords that marries what you want to talk about with what your audience likes and you will begin to see this tweet take shape. You must search for the perfect post to retweet. Even though you haven’t created it yet, you can. It’s like being in a huge crowd of people and there’s one person who wants to hear what you have to say. Target that one person by searching what they love on Twitter.

3. Tell Your Story

Building your personal brand is an important aspect on Twitter as it is on any social network. Your brand allows your audience to feel connected to you on a personal level. But this is where most people get it wrong because they don’t want to admit their mistakes, misfortunes, and failures.

Studies have shown that it’s against the human will to admit their own failures and defeats. Given these facts, it’s easy to see why most people will sidestep this action and go straight to the successes for their brand building. However, this is a drastic step to remove as it causes you to place yourself on a pedestal over your followers.

You want to tell your story the way it happened. Failures and all. Mistakes, while dramatic at the time, are now funny and a learning experience for your followers. Best of all, you have now humanized your brand to your followers. You’re just like them. You make wrong decisions sometimes and you’re not the god of marketing who never wills failure. Admitting failure builds trust inside of your community and, by telling your story, you bring about a more personal side of your brand. In turn, this brings more reactions over on your Twitter feed with your community.

In Conclusion

For Nathan Pirtle, 1.8 million followers on Twitter is just the beginning. He’s still reaching for new relationships, building more clientele, and creating more trust than he’s ever created over on the Twitter platform. Most importantly, he started with, and still uses, these three important tips for his marketing plan on Twitter.

Why not follow the lead of this Twitter giant? Break down the walls of your marketing barriers over on the Twitter platform and try some of these tips today!

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