3 Ways Customer Experience is Impacted By a Search Bar

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Improving customer experiences is one of the most difficult things to tackle in the world of business and marketing, and part of the reason why that is the case is because it can be a little difficult for us to get into the mindsets of those who are visiting our websites. However, there’s one big thing that is extremely useful that many companies don’t even consider.

Providing an eCommerce search bar to potential customers and website visitors is a fantastic way to make navigating your website significantly easier, regardless of the products or services you’re trying to offer.

If you consider the simplicity of that answer and how an eCommerce search bar can actually change the way customers feel about your site, a lot of things suddenly become more clear to you. This is especially the case when you realize how useful eCommerce search bars can also be to those who own, run, and market different aspects of the business.

Less Confusion for Your Customers

By providing an easy way to navigate your website, for example with an eCommerce search bar, you’re actually pretty likely to reduce the amount of confusion that potential customers and other website visitors might experience. Why is this the case?

Put very simply, it’s much easier to make your way around a website, especially if you’re making an eCommerce search for a product or service, if there’s an obvious search bar put at everyone’s disposal.

Rather than needing to click through several tabs in order to find key information, a potential customer suddenly has the ability to type a few keywords into a search bar and find what they want much more quickly. This is not only the case with an eCommerce search, but for frequently asked questions, mission statements, and information that someone might want about a company.

By making information easier to find, using a high-quality eCommerce search bar can help decrease the amount of time you’ll need to dedicate per customer dealing with confusion. It’s also a lot more likely that visitors won’t rage quit your webpage and that they’ll actually make a decision about whether or not they’ll make a purchase with your business.

Making eCommerce Searches Faster with Autocomplete

Many eCommerce search bars, as well as search bars in general, have the functionality to start autocompleting a website visitor’s query before they finish typing. That’s going to read as pretty helpful to potential customers and clients, not to mention it’s also going to reduce the confusion and frustration discussed previously.

This also has the ability to make a customer’s search faster, leading them to the products and services they’re most interested in more quickly. Not only that, but an autocomplete system put into place can make an eCommerce search much easier to navigate.

Autocomplete features also make it possible to suggest similar words and phrases, meaning that customers won’t have to remember what kind of language you use for your particular items up for sale. This is frequently done with a drop-down bar.

In turn, a high-quality search bar drops the potential confusion a customer might experience even further. Which is only great for your profits and your company’s time management.

Helping Customers and Web Developers with Feedback and Analysis

While feedback and analysis are going to be helpful for more than just customers and web developers, as they’ll also be helpful to the marketing team, product development, and many other parts of your largest teams, it’s important to know that these are helpful on both sides of the transaction. How so?

Feedback and analysis directly help you to know what potential customers are searching for, at least if they’re using an eCommerce search tool as we’ve been discussing. This is because many of these search tools will collect the keywords and phrases that have been queried and put them into a data base for you.

That means that an eCommerce search tool will be able to help you discern which items will need to be restocked more frequently, which niche markets you’re currently the most known for, and which items and niches you may want to tackle in your next marketing campaign.

How does this influence the experience that users are going to have? The more information you have about what potential customers and clients want and are looking for on your website, the more likely it is that customers are going to be able to get their wants and needs actually met by your company.

This makes it a win-win situation for both of you, because you’re more likely to get a successful transaction, and the customer is going to be able to get what they want efficiently from your company.

eCommerce search tools are also pretty helpful in other ways as well, but these are pretty prominent in terms of what you would want your tools to accomplish for you on the business side of things.

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