3 Ways Video Affects Your Job Application

Have you ever wanted to experience a job before officially starting? Well, it’s your lucky day, because video hiring is evolving rapidly this year. Fortune 500 leaders feel it is only logical to integrate advanced video technology since the emotional gap between employers and talented people has yet to effectively be closed.

Companies such as Unilever, Goldman Sachs, Under Armor, and Nike currently use video interviews to strengthen assessment data inside and outside of the organization. This is meant to reveal key traits that are not expressed on your paper resume or Linkedin profile. Additionally, these companies are using video to showcase authentic personality inside the company to give outsiders insight on employee lifestyle.

With large organizations adopting this two-way ‘video hiring’ street, it’s only a matter of time before visual transparency becomes standard in HR operations. Whether you are a skilled worker or a talent acquisition professional at a growing company, here are 3 ways that video affects the hiring process.

Improved Portrayal of the Company

Most applicants hardly experience the company they apply to, while employers hardly try to provide that experience. Statistically, employers disagree with themselves. According to a recent study, “employers believe that hiring managers are the most persuasive source of information for candidates, but only 3 percent of employers are using this kind of content to reach job seekers.” They are accurate in their claim, but do not follow through, which is a shame since “candidates want to see videos of hiring managers 2.5 times more often than company overviews and 10 times more often than an HR/recruiter message, while a hiring manager welcome video would make a candidate 46 percent more likely to consider the job and 30 percent more likely to respond to a recruiter or apply.”

“Employers should engage prospective talent by portraying content that is real, raw, and in the moment.” – Carlos Gil, Award-winning Snapchat Storyteller

In 2018, video hiring technology has made it possible to give virtual video reviews of what it is like to work at a company. Employers can now visually showcase their authenticity, demonstrating the unique perks and specialty that cannot be found anywhere else. There are many ways to do so, whether through a virtual office tour, giving you a glimpse at your future workspace would look like, employee lifestyle introductions, improving trustworthiness, or meet your manager videos, starting off the relationship on the right foot. A combination of these videos encourages people to explore and respond to new career opportunities.

Enhanced Analysis of Applicants

Other than a resume and a brief interview, sometimes not even in person, employers traditionally receive a little glimpse into how a specific applicant would perform in the company and its unique work environment. In most cases, in-person interviews are still used to judge an applicant’s overall company fit. This approach can cause bias, in which the employer’s state of mind or body affects the perception of you. Algorithms are not as affected. They do this by evaluating only the controllable characteristics of candidates which are then compared to the direct needs of the employer.

With video recruitment technology, employers can now intelligently analyze and rapidly differentiate each candidate’s traits with improved data collection methods, supplemented with machine learning methods. For example, artificial intelligence can learn about the company’s employees based on their behavior. Crucial information that is needed to find the best person for any job, in which you work with a given team of people.

Better Organization

The goal of a hiring manager is to ensure the team has a balanced set of skills, experiences, and backgrounds to increase productivity in the workplace. Video technology makes it easier for machines to identify people with distinctive traits and skill sets required to succeed in the company’s current team of working employees. This approach helps avoid ‘Groupthink’ — a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for conformity in the group results in an irrational decision-making outcome.

Modern assessment models can calculate employee composition to first identify weaknesses or gaps within a team, and therefore create a fictional representation of the ‘ultimate candidate’ that is needed to improve overall team performance while diminishing bias in decision making. A recent Harvard Business School Study of more than 60,000 employees found that “a superstar performer — one that models desired values and delivers consistent performance” brings in more than $5,300 in cost savings to a company. They also found that avoiding a toxic hire, or letting one go quickly, delivers $12,500 in cost savings.


As the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, the HR industry’s shift towards video technology is one that seems to be long-term. With the crowded job market, businesses will more frequently showcase human interaction, and algorithms will have an increasingly bigger role in hiring decisions.

“Video is a powerful tool for recruitment teams to attract, convert, and retain highly talented people. With the help of intelligent technology, we should use video to connect and understand people on a deeper level.” – Alex Desjardins, Director of BubbleHR

When it comes to applying to your next job, video is 10x more likely to spark emotion.

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