4 Areas Preventing Entrepreneurs From Tapping Into Their Full Potential According to Aurimas Juodka

A healthy hunger for information and self-education is key to becoming better entrepreneurs and leaders. A powerful way to do this is by having structure and a concrete schedule, allowing us to better hone our talents and skills. 

Developing skills in leadership and becoming a visionary should always be a major point of focus for entrepreneurs. There are many ways in which we can optimize our lifestyle so we can reach our full potential.

Human optimization and high-performance expert, Aurimas Juodka, is a world-renowned and highly respected leader in this space, helping entrepreneurs achieve peak-performance in both their business and personal lives. 

Here are 4 areas that prevent most entrepreneurs from tapping into their full potential. Once removed, it heavily reduces interference, allowing us to live far more fulfilling lives.

A lack of vision and purpose to pull them forward ⁣

The journey of entrepreneurship inevitably includes the desire to increase income so that impact can also be fostered. Juodka shares that money should not be the primary focus. He warns entrepreneurs against the dangers of purely chasing a cheque and encourages a healthy balance between purpose and using it as a foundation for everything else that follows.

“It’s easy to get caught in a career or entrepreneurial venture that isn’t fulfilling. Money is a temporary driver, once you’ve got enough of it and have a chance to play around, accumulation becomes empty.”

There are many entrepreneurs who look successful on the outside, but on a deeper level, they are feeling empty on the inside. Finding a vision that is truly bigger than yourself and emotional mastery is where true success lies.

A lack of clarity on executing their vision and encouraging others to join the journey

Juodka believes that stepping up to inspire others by staying true to your gifts is a powerful method of optimizing our lifestyle. Once we establish a clear intention in terms of how we would like to get our work done, we have paved the way to reaching our full potential.

Once we establish a clear intention in terms of how we would like to get our work done, we have already started to pave the way towards reaching our full potential.

“Most of us have audacious dreams, but we the lack clarity and leadership skills to achieve them. Developing leadership skills and the ability to inspire others be the best versions of themselves isn’t a gift. It’s merely a skill. I dare entrepreneurs to dream big and see where the chips may fall”.

Mindset blocks and subconscious programming that aren’t serving them

Traumas we go through as children and pre-adulthood have a powerful influence on both our day to day lives as well as the behaviors that impact our business (and in turn, our pockets). Juodka insists that if we do not address these hidden issues head-on, we risk putting ourselves into lower states of functioning which stagnates our growth. 

“A lot of us have had traumas that we carry all the way throughout our lives since our childhood. Those traumas and patterns affect our subconscious mind and it’s looking to process them by trying to recreate the patterns in our lives. Without proper understanding of the psyche, emotions, and subconscious mind, true mastery is unlikely”

Knowledge gaps and structuring life in inefficient and unproductive ways

Some of Juodka’s favorite modalities help address the most pressing imbalances that influence poor habits. Imbalances that many business owners are bound to face at some point throughout their endeavors. 

“Imagine that we only have 24 drops of water on a daily basis. And each bucket that we direct those drops into has a different purpose in our life. The more buckets we have, the less water each of them has. So what we get to focus on is what really matters.”

While many entrepreneurs often fall into the belief that adding structure into their day-to-day lives means imprisonment, it actually provides us the ability to do more of what we truly want to do. As a result, we waste less time on what’s unnecessary, and more time on what deeply matters to us. 

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