4 Bad Work Behaviors That Could Cost You Your Job

In today’s workplace, it’s important to be aware of your behaviors in the office as well as outside of the office. Although the rise of technology and social media is bringing on increased productivity in the workplace, if used incorrectly, it can cause major issues in the workplace.  Keep reading to learn more on a few work behaviors that could cost you your job.

Lying—even the Small Ones

Lying is a big one. If you lie about a medical condition or your GPA when applying, and your boss finds out, it could be detrimental to your job, and even lead to you being fired. Smaller lies can get you into the same sort of trouble.

It’s not the size of the lie that matters, it’s what it shows about your character. 

You can’t afford to lie, because lies tend to snowball, add up, and eventually catch up to you. They’ll taint your reputation, and this will follow you from job to job. Your peers and co-workers will slowly lose respect for you, and most importantly, you will lose their trust.

Your Social Media Usage

There are two reasons why many companies ban personal social media usage. The first is that it eats up too much time, and the second is that it presents a security issue. Cyber attackers can attack personal social media accounts to potentially gain access to business social media accounts.

Avoid looking at personal social media during work hours. Limit your posts to your break times and never post anything controversial. Employees have lost their jobs because they posted something insulting or demeaning and the company found out about it.

Waving Around a Bad Attitude

Waving around a bad attitude is an easy way to get fired. Bosses have never been more sensitive to the mood in the room. A bad attitude is a problem because it not only affects your performance, it affects the performance of everyone else. A bad attitude creates a toxic atmosphere, and it destroys team spirit, even if you don’t realize it. You are potentially bringing down not only yourself, but everyone around you. 

Running a business is a team game, so even if you’re the most talented worker in the world, you’ll be removed if you bring a bad attitude into the office.

Gossiping about Your Coworkers

What’s the harm in gossip?

Gossip is unprofessional and hurtful. No matter how sneaky you think you are, office gossip always makes it back to the person you’re gossiping about.

Talking about the personal and professional lives of others in a disparaging way is dirty and underhanded. It’s the easiest way to destroy a positive working environment, and bosses are sensitive to it.

This includes online chats. Gossiping about a coworker on your personal Facebook account can still land you in hot water. And even if you don’t get caught by the boss, eventually your other colleagues are going to find out, which can create even more problems.

Be a Team Player

Professionalism should always be maintained. But the key to keeping your job, and even getting promoted, is to just be a team player. Working for the good of the company is the best way to stand out. Don’t try to cut others down to lift yourself up. Let your talent shine through and you’ll get what you deserve.

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