4 most senseless supplements selling in the market-Insights from fitness trainer and licensed nutritionist Chang-Hun Chung

Chang-Hun Chung

Fitness training can be a hassle. Adhering to one’s nutritional plan is one of the most crucial elements during training. However, many fitness geeks and bodybuilders often resort to supplements for ensuring their muscle growth.

Chang-Hun Chung, a sports athlete, fitness coach, and licensed nutritionist shares his insights on supplements that are selling in the market. Supplements are a great help. However, the crucial point here is what you ingest and whether this intake is actually beneficial or not. This has to be considered individually.

However, he states that some supplements are selling in the market that are senseless and have no impact on the body whatsoever. He mentions 4 such products, which are as follows:

Detoxification Teas

Our bodies have a natural way of cleaning them from toxins. Kidneys, liver, and digestive tracts ensure toxins are removed before the food is consumed. Chang explains that this advertising claim is absurd

There have been no researches or scientifically proven details regarding the efficiency of such teas, and fitness enthusiasts should avoid spending on them, let alone use them.

Testosterone Boosters

Most bodybuilders often relate increase muscle growth with an increase in testosterone. That is why the market is filled with such boosters only raise false hopes and only increase libido.

Hence using them or relating them with the growth of muscles is not a good idea, which makes these supplements ineffective and senseless. As claimed through advertising, a supernatural increase in testosterone levels through some plant extracts found in the products is not biologically possible.

Fat Burners

Most people often join the gym because they’ve got fat-filled bulky bodies. There’s no problem with that because some routines cause people to get fat. However, Chang states that the use of artificial fat-burning supplements available in the market is nothing but a waste of time and money.

What fat burners actually do is decrease your appetite and build a small amount of heat inside your body. However, there’s no proven research that suggests taking fat-burning supplements can decrease fat in your body. Chang stresses the importance of regular exercise while eating a nutrition plan designed by one’s trainer to lose fat.

Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs

Many people take BCAAs as a supplement in the hope that they’ll help create and retain muscles. However, the main goal is to achieve the required amount of essential amino acids or EAAs.

Our body needs protein biosynthesis to help build and maintain muscles. Components like L-Leucine, which is a part of BCAAs, helps produce it. However, our body needs 20 such amino acids, 9 of them are EAAs.

But numerous BCAAs in the market don’t offer additional value other than what the body is already gaining. Therefore, consuming is not useful at all. The body can consume EAAs via a natural diet, which doesn’t need BCAAs at all.

Chang Hun Chung stresses avoiding ineffective and senseless supplements and focusing on using methods recommended by licensed nutritionists and fitness trainers only to gain and build a perfect body.


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