4 Reasons Liquid EHR Is The Best Optometry Software For Your Practice

Liquid EHR is an optometry software service made for eye care physicians providing practice management and electronic medical record solution, including the following services the primary:

  • patient communication system
  • appointment scheduler
  • e-Prescribing
  • electronic insurance filing

The software has been following a consistent design criterion focused on providing a natural intuitive, and support service by using the best technology and practice methodologies.

The software is the best fit for small and midsize optometry practices. Offering medical records management system, billing operations, and scheduling tools. Moreover, Liquid EHR software also provides physicians with incredible optimizing features such as

  • mailing list generator
  • audit trails
  • workflow systems
  • document management
  • compliance checks
  • integrated e-prescribing
  • configurable exam records

Tools specifically designed for optometry by Liquid EHR software are historical IOP charts, drawing tools, built-in eye charts, frames data integration, and image management.

However, clinicians can also have instant access to e-insurance filing tools, clinical summaries, patient recalls, drug interactions, allergy interaction checks, problem lists, active medication lists, medication recommendations, educational resources, smoking status, and vital signs.

Lab test results can be directly incorporated into the patient portal. Customer support is provided through email and phone.

Following, we have listed some of the top four features that you can use to streamline your optometry practice.


An EHR that has a simple user interface is extremely important in any part of the industry. An interactive human-computer interaction and communication portal evolves complex operations such as electronic prescriptions, lab integration, and medical billing. Therefore, Liquid EHR will provide you with the best interface to facilitate your workflow and doctor-patient communication if you are working in an optometry speciality.

The whole point of EHRs is to accurately collect, share and modify data of different types from patient examination notes to prescription dosage.

A liquid EHR interface will ensure the meaningful use requirements to help you improve the quality of care, user actions, performance, and communication between your patients and staff.  Not only SMEs but any healthcare organization can benefit from simple EHR’s UI/UX design in multiple ways.

Top benefits of an easy-to-use interface:

●      Lower development and support costs

●      Positive user experience

●      Operational efficiency


Liquid EHR provides an EMR that will work as a digital version of patients’ charts containing all the essential medical and treatment history information from all resources. This electronic data stays in your office and is not shared.

By contrast, an EHR provides a holistic and longitudinal preview of the patient’s health, containing records from various providers. It includes:

  • demographics
  • test results
  • medical history
  • history of current illness
  • drug usage history

By implementing an EMR software service, you will easily track patient data over extended periods by multiple healthcare physicians. It will help you identify patients that are due for checkups, screenings, and monitor readings. EMR service by Liquid EHR is designed to help organizations provide efficient and precise care for SMEs.

No doubt that an EMR solution is universal that provides one electronic chart that can be accessed at any time from anywhere.


A core module of medical software. Liquid EHR provides an intuitive and straightforward scheduler to help patients request and book appointments, access patient records, check availability, view waitlists via their portal. These records can be easily modified and edited to let the user view patient appointments, previous billings, patient histories, diagnoses, link family members to the primary insurer, and much more.

Patients will also get electronic notifications of appointments on their email or phone to decrease no-shows, cancel or book for another day.

Front desk staff can change or schedule appointments with the colour-coding option or just use the drag-and-drop function.

The patient scheduler makes the entire appointment management process simpler and easier to save time, cut down costs, and minimize manual labour. With the help of slot customization, you will not have to delete appointments, instead recreate them in the correct slot by date, time, physician, etc., within the existing appointment slot.

Digitize your appointment process with Liquid EHR that can be implemented on your mobile too.

The most generic functions offered are the following:

  • patient appointment scheduling
  • appointment reminders
  • physician scheduling
  • colour-code scheduling
  • appointment waitlist
  • drag-and-drop scheduling
  • patient index
  • referral creation and tracking

The patient scheduler streamlines and consolidates tasks that are otherwise completed separately.

Telehealth Solution

Covid-19 has drastically increased the need for virtual care. Liquid EHR offers telehealth solutions to all optometrists nationwide free of Cost. For implementing the telehealth service, you will not need to be a Liquid EHR user, nor does it require a credit card for signing up.

Features of Telehealth

  • Unlimited video/audio conferencing, calling, texting and faxing
  • Streamlines patient experience
  • HIPAA compliant
  • HITRUST certified
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Secured
  • Support service for remote access setup

Liquid EHR Cost

Cloud Cost: $299 per month per provider

SetupSetup Fee: Free

  • Unlimited global workstations
  • Unlimited providers
  • Includes five concurrent users and all modules

In-Office Cost: $199 per month per provider

SetupSetup Fee: Free

  • Unlimited local workstations
  • Unlimited providers with all modules

Note: The pricing plans include free and unlimited technical support and new features and the latest updates.

If you are interested in finding out about Liquid EHR reviews, check out our extensive database of vendors’ profiles. If you are looking for any other information, reach out to us for a FREE consultation, or shoot an email at info@findemr.comto get in touch with our consultant. Our consultant will help you determine your priorities and compile a list of EHR vendors to compare your clinical needs. Find the right EMR with FindEMR.

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