4 Reasons why Certbolt CompTIA A+ Certification is Important for IT Specialist

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Employers are always looking to recruit highly skilled professionals that can solve problems efficiently and effectively. Thus, the Certbolt CompTIA A+ certification is valuable because it serves as a recognized validation of the fundamental skills in computer software and hardware management.

Acquiring it proves your technical worth in the eyes of potential employers. Below, you’ll find some of the reasons why the certificate is important for your career.

4 Reasons to Consider When Pursuing CompTIA A+?

The Certbolt CompTIA A+ Practice Test is essential for every beginner in technology and these are the reasons to say so:

  • Career development

Just because the A+ certificate is a gateway into an IT career, it doesn’t mean that it is a lesser qualification. It affirms that you have basic knowledge about troubleshooting computer hardware, networks, as well as software. The certification also puts you on a clear path to a successful IT profession.

This could potentially help you land your first job in the industry and give you an opportunity to better yourself by gaining experience and more certificates.

  • Wide range of specialization options

The CompTIA A+ certification does not focus on any particular seller of IT products. Therefore, you get a broader span of career paths to choose from. You can either concentrate on a distinct vendor and their products or take on a particular field in IT. The certificate gives you the necessary crucial technical finesse before you decide on which highly demanded track you wish to pursue.

This will bring you a wide range of options, so you can apply for the roles such as help desk tech, system support specialist, data support tech, and many more.

  • Gateway to better salary

With the advent of the Internet, IT has become the most evolving and rapidly changing industry in the world. All these innovations have brought about new challenges that have resulted in high demand for IT professionals. Since these skills are in high demand, employers are willing to pay more in order to acquire and retain the best talent in their organizations.

PayScale.com says that A+ certified professionals earn about $63k per year in the United States. This is modest pay for an entry-level job in the IT space.

  • Designed by IT experts

The A+ certification is formulated and built by IT experts who are leading the industry. These individuals include employers and recruiters who are at the peak of their careers. Thus, attaining your A+ Practice Test means that you have the potential to impress the best of the best.

It also means that you have the skills that entrepreneurs or companies are looking for in their potential employees. With this, the chances of standing out in a group of IT specialists are much better. You will land your first job and get the opportunity to add on experience and gain more certificates in the track that you prefer.


If you wish to step into the IT industry and gradually become an expert, then this is where you should start from. Since the CompTIA A+ certification is vendor-neutral, you will have a wide range of options that you can take to better your IT profession.

Get the certificate and unlock a myriad of benefits that will allow you to improve your skills and your demand in the job market. The benefits mentioned above are just some of those that will come your way.

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