4 Side Hustle Ideas to Make an Extra $1K Per Month

If you’re looking for a side hustle that can make you an extra $1K each month, all you really need is some inspiration, spare time, and a little bit of skill. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are contracted to provide clients with a wide variety of administrative services remotely online, rather than in person at their office. Some will only be required to carry out basic tasks such as running a calendar or responding to emails, while others will have a much more specific specialty like bookkeeping or scheduling duties. To become a reliable and sought after virtual assistant, you should be able to completely tailor your skills and service to suit whatever each business requires. 

Because there’s been an influx of people launching their own digital companies all over the world over the past decade, there’s a growing demand for virtual assistants who can help these entrepreneurs run their new businesses in the short term. 

Virtual assistants provide their services remotely, which means you can work on your laptop from wherever you like, whether that’s during your lunch break at work, after hours at home, or from almost anywhere on the planet. That’s why this side hustle is perfect for digital nomads looking to make good money each month while traveling the world full-time.

Social media manager

Social media marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses. If done the right way, it can contribute to the improvement of a company’s profitability ratios and overall success. This brings us to another side hustle that could potentially lead you to earn more money in a month: Social media manager.

Especially if you’ve had success interacting with people, cultivated a strong presence, and gained as much traction online as you have followers. As a social media manager, you can offer to reach out to businesses using your own social media pages and offer them to build their brand using the same tactics you’ve used to build your own. You may even have a pool of contacts through business networking that you can reach out to. As long as you’re able to showcase your talents with social media to your potential clients, you won’t actually need any other qualifications.

Vincent Bucciachio, the founder of the marketing agency SociallyInfused Media, says “I started outbidding for small social media management jobs on Upwork.com about 7 years ago. No qualifications, education, or experience. Five years later, I’ve successfully grown this ‘side hustle’ into a full-scale, all-inclusive digital marketing agency.”  

You can either search online job boards for small businesses who are actively searching for social media managers, or you can approach businesses cold if you come across social media accounts you believe you can help. Managing the social media accounts for businesses is a pretty low-cost side hustle to startup as all you’ll really need is a laptop with an internet connection, making this another job that can be done remotely from anywhere.

Profit flipper

This side hustle involves constantly searching for and finding items that are undervalued which you can then buy and resell for a much larger profit. This is perfect for anyone wanting to work primarily on weekends because that’s when most garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores will be open. Once you get an idea of what a good deal looks like, flipping for profit can become a relatively easy way to make a lot of extra money. 

Tech blogger Antoine Bechara says that “To become a pro at profit flipping you’ll need to consistently buy low and sell high. You’ll need to know a good deal when you see it, and you’ll need to always have enough capital to take advantage of those deals whenever you see them.” If you have expert knowledge or experience in specific items you’ll already be starting with an advantage. It’s often these people who become so good at flipping that they eventually end up doing this work full-time. 

Home cleaning and repairs

Most people don’t like cleaning their homes, whereas others don’t know how to do repairs when things break. That’s why so many people hire cleaners and a handyman whenever things get dirty or need repairs done. 

So as long as you have a few hours spare each week, with some basic cleaning supplies, a decent set of tools, and your own transport, you can earn some pretty decent money. And because most cleaning or repair jobs around the house will only take a couple of hours, it should be pretty easy to fit these jobs around your existing work schedule. 

Getting started with this as a side hustle is as simple as asking around, putting up flyers, advertising on social media, and creating a small website. While there’s usually plenty of people online who are looking for house cleaners and repairs to be done, you can always find subcontracting work as a laborer whenever things get quiet. 

As long as you are always upfront about your skills, you don’t overcharge, and you provide a high quality of customer service, most people will keep asking you to come back again and again. Because good tradespeople are often very hard to find.

Summing up

While not every side hustle above is going to suit you, one of them could be your best chance to be financially secure. And with an extra $1K per month in your pocket, there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there and making all of your dreams come true.

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