4 Steps to Long-Term Sustainable Success in Any Industry

If there was a 5 step plan that would ensure your long-term sustainable success—would you do it?

I have learned what it takes to get to a point that I’m confident in my long term success. And I have developed a way to all but guarantee that my success is sustainable.

I’m going to show you how to do what I have done—

1. Expand Your Personal Network Immediately

It does not even matter what industry you are in. You have to expand your network quickly.

And don’t tell me that you already have a great network. If Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins are all still expanding their networks—you have no reason not to keep growing yours.

A couple of ways to expand your network:

  • Ask valuable contacts who you should meet next
  • Reach out to influencers in your industry (you can reach anyone)
  • Be active on popular social networks/apps
  • Connect with fans regularly to understand what they want

2. Create Content of True Value

I have always been a give first, ask later type person. I don’t approach people and ask them for something right off the bat. In fact, I think that’s completely backward.

When you create content and products of real value, people will start lining up for you.

Instead of asking people to buy your stuff, create things that are so valuable that you can’t help but attract tons of interest. You can later expand your reach with marketing campaigns, instead of the other way around.

3. Build Your Personal Brand

There’s no shortage of business ideas out there. In fact, I bet just about everyone reading this has a business idea—but what do you do if you face business failure after business failure?

Build your personal brand.

People that don’t do this become only as good as their last startup or company.

Instead invest in yourself, be your own brand. Find a way to attach your name to everything you do. And if you are scared to attach your name, maybe you should not be doing it?

Then, if your company fails, that does not mean you failed. And you gain valuable insight and brand building along the way.

You can always be building your brand no matter what company you start or who you work for.

4. Take Specific Action Steps

This is at the end of the list, but it’s perhaps the most important to reach long-term sustainable success.

If you don’t do anything—nothing will happen. You have to take concrete, actionable steps consistently.

Until you know for sure what is working and what’s not, your job is to test various strategies until you figure out what works.

The big mistakes everyone makes here are:

  • You only have one strategy
  • You don’t give it a chance to work
  • You spend too much time on a plan that isn’t working
  • You never start and brainstorm endlessly “I’ll do it when X happens first.”

Don’t do any of this.

Instead, become an expert at testing new strategies and if they don’t work throw them out the window and move on to the next strategy.

You will hit eventually. Until you know what works, you don’t know what works—go figure it out.

I want to point out that you can follow The Inevitability of Success Mindset and be in testing mode. Testing and “trying” are not the same thing.

Testing does not necessarily imply the possibility of failure. Testing is a process that helps you get closer to success. When you realize one thing is not working that well, you implement the next strategy to get closer to your inevitable success.

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