4 Steps to Getting a Better Job Than the One You Have Now

No matter how fantastic your current job is, there’s almost guaranteed to be better one out there somewhere — and, perhaps, you could land it. The following are the 4 steps you can take if you want to get a better job than the one you currently have.

1. Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

If you want a prestigious job, you’ll have to prove yourself worthy of it. Any impressive job that pays well will be competitive, so you’ll have to figure out ways of distinguishing yourself from all the other people who will also want that job.

One possible way to accomplish this: take the initiative of becoming influential in your industry. There are numerous ways to do so.

  • Post well-considered insights about your industry in your blog. If you don’t have a blog, start one.
  • Submit thought-provoking articles about your industry to relevant trade publications.
  • Speak at industry-related events.
  • Join trade associations and attend their conferences.
  • Collaborate on a project of interest or charity event within your industry.
  • Write a manuscript and seek publication; if you’re unable to find a mainstream publisher, self-publish the book or release it as an e-book available online and to your blog readers.
  • Further your education with certifications, massive online courses (MOOCs), or a master’s degree.

This step alone, if done well, could lead to major opportunities for you. Be ready to seize them as they arise. After you’ve done one or more of these things, give some thought to how your achievements can add value to the employers you want to interview with in the future.

2. Understand the Hidden Job Market

Many companies try to fill vacant jobs internally. They may only resort to posting help wanted ads as a last resort. This can give you a distinct advantage if you’d like to move up the ladder within your own organization; in many cases, a better job could be yours if you simply identify an opening that would be a good fit for your abilities and then ask for it. If you can make a good case as to why your boss should promote you to that job, you’re likely to get it.

3. Appeal to the Top Recruiters in Your Industry

You might not want to directly reach out to recruiters to ask for work, as that can make you seem desperate — and employers rarely want to hire candidates who come across as desperate.

Instead, work at making your resume and credentials easily found in the places that corporate recruiters tend to look for them — sites like Linkedin.com, Indeed.com, Monster.com, Dice.com, and any relevant industry-specific websites in your niche where people gather to discuss recruiting, hiring, and careers.

4. Get Prepared to Impress Your Interviewers

Once you’ve landed an interview, you want to make sure you’re the candidate who makes the best impression on your interviewer(s). According to Coursesonline.co.uk, there are multiple ways you can set yourself apart during the interview process.

One of the most important keys is dressing well for the interview. This is because your apparel is likely to have a significant effect on the interviewer’s first impression of you. It’s also important to avoid interview deal breakers such as being rude to the company’s receptionist.

After the interview, be sure to promptly follow up with a thank-you email to your interviewer.

Following these 4 steps is likely to result in offers for jobs that are even better than your current one. If you’re systematic about your pursuit of a better job, exciting opportunities are sure to arise for you.

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