4 Ways to Schedule a Mass Text

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The past few years have pushed us into the digital era with heightened acceleration. This is, in part, due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the lasting impact that it created. While the world continues to recover from the events of the past two years, some things may have changed for good.

The digital landscape is more expansive now than ever before. That, in turn, means that more people are using technology more often in more ways. In other words, the rate at which society is integrating technology into everyday life is exponential. As such, people are using their phones more often, are easier to reach, and have a direct line to the internet at almost all times.

With that in mind, it makes sense that mass texting strategies are booming today. Just because they’re popular, though, doesn’t mean that every mass texting strategy is as powerful as the next. Here are four ways to schedule a mass text that will be efficient, effective, and make any brand stand out.

Through the Online Portal

In setting up a mass texting strategy, the SMS software provider typically operates a dashboard in which users operate. This dashboard can come with any range of features – the more sophisticated the software, the more robust the features.

However, a staple piece of this online portal or dashboard is the calendar feature. Most SMS providers or mass-texting services come with a native calendar feature. This is one of the easiest and most common ways for any brand to schedule a mass text. This is an easy option because it doesn’t require any additional software or application, it’s native to the dashboard software itself, and it gives users the ability to schedule texting campaigns far in advance.

The ability to put some foresight into the design strategy of running a mass texting campaign offers massive value down the line. Not only that, but users can also edit the copy and design of specific mass texts within a campaign up to the time of delivery. In other words, as a campaign continues onward, brands and organizations can modify the campaign as they track KPIs and other performing metrics that indicate which tactics are successful and which need improving.

Through an Associated Mobile App

Many business professionals, decision-makers, and organizational leaders find themselves on the go more often than they’d even like to be at times. Unfortunately, this can make finding time to sit at a desk rather difficult to nearly impossible.

That’s one of the few reasons business and enterprise-oriented mobile apps have boomed during the past few years. They offer viable solutions to business professionals on the go. Mobile apps are also a popular solution for SMS service providers and mass-texting services in scheduling mass texts. Offering users an associated mass text app through which they can successfully and efficiently schedule, create, and edit mass texts on the go is convenient for the end-user and offer powerful and flexible functionality.

Independent Mobile App Mass Text Services

In addition to mobile apps associated explicitly with web applications, comprehensive 3rd party mass-texting services, and SMS service providers, there is an entire market of independent mobile apps to organize, schedule, create, and manage mass texts.

This could be useful for a pocket of small business owners and operators who conduct the majority of their business through their smartphones. While these programs and mobile apps may not come with robust software as the larger players and full-service companies, offer enough functionality for small-scale operations.

These independent mobile apps could also be useful for decision-makers leaning toward more ad-hoc technical solutions for sheer customizability.

Using Google

It should genuinely not surprise that Google also recently joined in on the mass text message solution. The technological powerhouse is responsible for some of the largest digital assets on the internet, and its presence in the market of mass texting was likely a long-time coming.

One of the pillars that Google seems to pride itself on is connectivity. This is evident in their approach to mass texting, too. The requirements needed to utilize Google’s mass-texting scheduler are very lightweight and even mobile-friendly. This means it’s easy to access, easy to use, and easily available.

Quickly Recapping Mass Text Scheduling

In this virtual age, connection is among the most highly valued aspects of the customer experience. This is important on many levels but should certainly be considered in designing mass texting strategies.

No matter the scale of an organization, the reach of a brand, or the industry of operation, mass text strategies have a place in the overall marketing strategy. Using service provider dashboards, associated mobile apps, Google, or independent mobile apps, brands and organizations can plan, design, and schedule impactful and effective mass texting campaigns that will reach massive volumes of consumers in a matter of moments.

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