5 Apple Watch Accessories you Should Have

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The Apple Watch has taken the world by storm, with people everywhere sporting the latest wearable technology. While the watch itself is quite impressive, there are a few accessories you can buy to enhance your experience.

Here are five accessories you should consider purchasing for your Apple Watch.

1.  A Screen Protector

Price: $8.99

One of the easiest things to damage on an Apple Watch is its screen. If you do not want to risk scratching or breaking your watch, invest in a good-quality screen protector. There are several different kinds of screen protectors available for purchase, but most offer some degree of protection from scratches and shattering. In case you are doubtful when it comes to buying the best apple watch screen protector, make sure you head over to this site for a recommendations list and buying guides.

2. A Charging Stand

Price: $29.99

If you want to modify your Apple Watch, consider purchasing a charging stand. These stands allow you to prop up your watch and charge it at the same time, saving on space and ensuring an optimal viewing experience while the watch charges. No matter which charging stand you choose, it will make a useful addition to your charging setup.

3. A Band Upgrade

Price: $29.95 – $49.99

If you are not satisfied with the Apple Watch bands that come standard with the device, you can find many quality third-party options on Amazon. They’re slightly more expensive than what you’d pay for Apple’s band, but you’ll love the difference in quality.

If you’re not satisfied with the bands that come standard with the ones that come with the purchase, you can buy from third-party sites.

4. A Travel Case

Price: $39.99

To protect your Apple Watch while you travel, buy a travel case. These cases are compact and lightweight and will give you a place to store your Apple Watch when it’s not on your wrist.

The travel case also has a built-in charging port so you can charge your watch while it’s inside. This is a great option for those who want to ensure their Apple Watch stays safe, even when they are not wearing it.

5. A Magnetic Charger Cable

Price: $34.95

In addition to a regular charging port, you should buy a magnetic charging cable to charge your Apple Watch. These cables are made of stainless steel and allow for easy removal when you need to charge your watch.

They also have a nice look and feel, making them a great accessory for the Apple Watch user who wants an upscale charging experience.

That’s it for our list of five accessories you should buy for your Apple Watch. I hope that the information I have provided has been helpful.

Is Apple Watch Still Worth it?

While spending a hefty amount of money on wearable, one would think if his/her money is being utilized wisely or not.

It looks like an ordinary watch but has some superb capabilities; it is waterproof and dustproof. It comes in different colors with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

There are two screen sizes available, 38 mm and 42mm. The longer one will have higher battery performance than the smaller one. One can easily change straps to fit his/ her mood or outfit with an additional cost of around $50.

The overall performance is quite satisfactory with the heart rate monitor working very well with its GPS tracking for activities like jogging, cycling, etc.

The Apple Watch also provides accurate results in fitness tests with the help of a built-in microphone and speaker which may be helpful in many cases when you need to relay a message or call someone.

But there is a downside to using this watch too. It requires iPhone 5 and above models to operate, the battery backup lasts for half a day with all features being used simultaneously, it has less durability and scratch-prone screen (9/10) and also lacks some core fitness functions like an altimeter and built-in GPS.

It is true that it gives a professional look to its wearers but still, there are lots of other watches available at this price tag with better looks and durability.

So can we say it’s worth buying? I believe the answer would be on the negative side unless you use all its features and not just as a time place.


That being said, we hope you now know what you have to look forward to when you buy the Apple Watch. In case you haven’t bought one yet, we hope these accessories will be helpful in your decision-making process. Let us know what you think about all this in the comments section below.


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