5 Best Industries to Retrain in, 2021

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Finding work at the moment feels like an epic adventure. Sometimes you get rewarded with coins and coffee; sometimes, you get nothing but frustration for your efforts. From industry to industry, sector to sector, the working world experienced its biggest shakeup in the workforce since the invention of the internet. Employees have been at the center of this disruption, unable to do anything but go with the flow.

With this in mind, here are the five best industries for you to think about switching to in 2021. A few months spent on a training course could see you with a significant career shift.

Here are the five trending industries and sectors of this year:

1 – Information Technology

IT has been hot for years now, but our need for and reliance on substantial computing resources has jumped exponentially since the pandemic. The laptop shortage of 2020 is ongoing, proving just how much the world has become reliant on work from home (WFH). However, this isn’t a trend that’s going anywhere. Even when we are back at the office, we still need IT professionals. From data analysis and web architecture to programming and software implementation, you can find the best IT jobs on icrunchdata, one of the best IT job boards on the internet.

2 – Healthcare

It is estimated that healthcare in the US hit a net worth of $2,612 billion in 2020 (Statista) when it was only ever estimated to hit $800 billion. That’s nearly a 300% increase. Healthcare is a booming business; there’s no denying it. And it is essential to maintain staff such as doctors and nurses because we know what happens when a virus strikes and threatens to diminish healthcare systems. Retraining your job skills in healthcare could mean a career for life.

3 – Online Education

There has been a similar leap in the number of educational facilities that are going online. Some systems don’t intend on bringing students back onto campus until at least next year. This would mean more online courses making that migration so that remote students can access them. There was a significant rise in online education and e-Learning in 2020, a trend set to continue.

4 – Food Services

Despite restaurants being an integral sector of employment, we saw as many as 110,000 restaurants go under in 2020, notwithstanding fast food and take-out chains. While countries were on lockdown and dining out wasn’t feasible, the fast food and take-outestablishments experienced massive demand. Foodservices is a key growth area and will always be in high demand.

5 – E-Entertainment

Although technically a branch of IT, gaming and electronic entertainment became in high demand more than ever last year. The more time we spent at home, the more we needed to entertain ourselves.

Because of this need, game development is a crucial area highlighted for future trends. If you have the intelligence and creativity for it, gaming could be your next big thing.

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