5 Business Stories to Inspire Us During This Pandemic

Inspireing Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds. Businesses are having to shut down and, with 3 million cases of unemployment in a week, there is a reason everyone is scared. While the world is dark and full of terror, here are 5 businesses that inspire us during this pandemic.

Local Coffee Shop Owner Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation

Good People Coffee in West LA is in the same boat as many other small businesses. Having to shut down, let go of staff, and doing everything in his power to keep afloat. Chuck, the owner of Good People Coffee, decided that the best way to showcase social distancing is to paint 6-foot markers through his shop and all the way outside. His customers can queue up and stay at a respectable distance. This created a bit of buzz locally as it was eye-catching and interesting.

Launching a New Business During COVID-19 to Help New Freelancers

With millions of newly unemployed individuals, the need to find work has skyrocketed. Long-time freelancers have lost work, and a wave of new and aspiring freelance and solopreneurs is starting up. Starting a new business is challenging in the best of times and a struggle during the worst of times. 

A new business needs lots of well-designed marketing materials such as ebooks, pitch decks, business cards, etc. Instead of hiring an expensive designer, Template Monkey launched to give beautifully designed templates for a super affordable price. What’s more, the templates are designed by fortune 100 graphic designers.

With 1,000 units sold so far, this goes to show that, even during the worst of times, entrepreneurship is alive and well.

Delivering the Social Lubricant to Those Practicing Social Distancing

A small-town bar quickly saw their business dry up overnight as the order came down to close all restaurants and bars. These savvy owners didn’t fret; they quickly pivoted and started a drink delivery service called Chug-Hub, allowing you to get your favorite cocktail delivered to your door (if you are 21+).

They also have a very unique branding that is instantly recognized and a bit tongue in cheek. I feel as if I know it from someplace, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Learning to Play Guitar in Your Spare Time Has Never Been This Fun

We all have a bit of extra time on our hands to pick up an extra hobby or two. Sitting at home and learning to play guitar is high on many aspiring musicians’ lists. Fret Zealot created an attachable LED light display that pairs with an app to help people learn how to play their favorite tune.

It’s like a real-life Guitar Hero game, but one that actually teaches you the proper technique. 

Yoga Studio Goes Digital With Zoom and Patreon

With lockdown in full swing, Yoga Vermont decided to take their entire business digitally, streaming daily yoga practices and teacher training over Zoom. While taking monthly payments using Patreon, Yoga Vermont has been able to expand their business and have members from all over the USA.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

The world may be a bit crazy right now, but there are small beacons of entrepreneurial sunshine in the world. With a bit of creative thinking, your business can pivot and find a way to serve your customer base in a new and creative way. These are 5 business that inspire us during this pandemic. Are there others that you can think of?

Leave a comment with an interesting business that has improvised, adapted, and overcome this new challenge.

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