5 Creative and Crucial Advertising Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

In this fast-paced digital world, technological innovation has disrupted almost every industry in a profound way. Due to this unprecedented revolution, entrepreneurship has emerged as the hottest trend. As a result, millennials are passionately jumping on their entrepreneurial ventures and positioning themselves alongside the larger businesses. After all, nothing is more exciting than being one’s own boss and converting passion into a career opportunity. However, there is a world of difference between starting a business and running it successfully. Especially, entrepreneurs have to face a number of challenges before they can make a mark.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, the first and foremost challenge you are going to face is getting your brand to your audience. This is where your advertising prowess can be a game changer for you. Successful advertising is crucial to the life and growth of your business because you have to convince people to choose you over your competitors.

It is generally seen that the budget is the biggest constraint for small businesses, and advertising and marketing make up a significant part of it. Creative advertising, therefore, utilizes shoestring techniques to get your brand out there.

Here are some crucial advertising tips for young entrepreneurs:

1Know Your Audience and Target Them Well

Long before crafting your advertising strategies, it is important to know who your audience is. One of the topmost reasons for the failure of new businesses is not understanding exactly what your market is. Researching your audience helps you identify important pain points that your prospective customers are experiencing. This will give you a valuable insight regarding your prospects’ deepest and most particular needs. Thus, you will be able to identify important attributes such as the price point and marketing messages that will appeal to your target audience. Empathizing with and understanding their needs will help you find the most effective ways to reach them.

Now, how will you target them? You should create an accurate target customer profile based on the research you conducted and the data you collected. Armed with this information, you can increase the relevancy of messages for your target audience. The frequency and timing of messaging can also be important because they will get a good opportunity to see your ad and perhaps act on it. Remember, targeting is an ongoing process that needs to be re-evaluated regularly.

2Raise Emotions and Feelings Through Your Ads

As far as advertising is concerned, people like to think and gladly engage with a meaningful idea that resonates with them. If you can create a message that aligns with your company’s mission, people will feel good about doing business with you. For example, soulful music, images, and themes can trigger positive feelings at any time. So, if you associate them with your brand, you will get a distinct edge. On most occasions people make an emotional and intellectual decision based on their experience; if you get them to feel a certain way, you can successfully win them over. Consider the following tips for creating an advertisement that resonates among your audience:

  • Create a story that aligns your product and values.
  • Be crisp and concise but impactful in your approach. It’s better to say less and be heard than the other way round.
  • Be clear what your brand is all about and what you stand for! Being authentic is the best way to cut through the noise.
  • Remain focused on providing value to your customers, and they will keep trusting you.

3Use the Right Online Advertising Tools

Online advertising is gaining a lot of traction these days. There are a number of channels and platforms for advertisers to place ads using tools that manage campaigns for each channel. The truth is online advertising has progressed far ahead and there is a huge opportunity for marketers who want to remain ahead of the curve. The following advertising tools can be of immense help for your business:

  • Simplify your online advertising with ExactDrive

ExactDrive is a simple and easy-to-use real-time media buying platform that makes internet advertising easier for small and medium-sized businesses. It performs many functions at the same time, such as managing traffic, analyzing reports, and optimizing digital display campaigns for you. This advertising solution allows you to reach more people faster and easier.

  • Spruce up your online ads with Bannersnack

Bannersnack is a cloud-based online banner ad creation tool that comes with a range of features that help you manage and implement banner advertising campaigns across several online channels. These banners are compatible with both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Your website is the face of your company, and you can make it a potent advertising vehicle using Bannersnack. This tool serves as a powerful online advertisement maker with high-quality marketing visuals.

  • Use BlueKai as a robust data management platform (DMP)

BlueKai, an Oracle company, is an effective DMP that efficiently organizes customer data in the cloud, which enables companies to access audience profiles and create more personalized, bespoke advertising campaigns. It gives you richer, more actionable information regarding the people you are trying to connect with. BlueKai works with a lot of companies and is presently trusted by many of the Fortune 30 brands.

4Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media advertising can be a great source of getting more value for your marketing bucks. The challenge for many small business owners is they don’t exactly know how to effectively use social media for advertising. It includes planning and executing of advertising campaigns through various social media platforms. It is increasingly becoming the most cost-effective way to spread the word about your business.

There are two types of social media advertising, organic and paid. Paid, often referred to as Sponsored Content. Organic advertising, on the other hand, involves creating and implementing different methods to disseminate quality content. You can use both of these advertising methods to your advantage based on what your goals are and which is a better method.

Facebook is the most popular social media channel today, and you need to create a Facebook page regarding your company’s business. Put information about promotions and social buzz on the page. Posting and sharing relevant content on Facebook will be welcomed by your audience and your credibility will get a significant boost. Instagram has also emerged as a powerful social platform in recent years. More and more people are sharing their pictures and videos on Instagram; so you can also use it to increase your brand awareness. Instagram Stories is an innovative and excellent way to draw your viewers’ attention by posting behind-the-scenes videos of your products or services. YouTube, on the other hand, will greatly help you advertise your products through tutorials and “How To” videos.

5Guerrilla Advertising Can Make a Big Impact

Guerrilla advertising is one of the most effective techniques that help businesses achieve maximum impact on a low budget. It is a creative way of finding highly inventive and unusual ideas to advertise your products or services. Taken the idea from guerrilla warfare tactics, guerrilla marketing also intends to surprise consumers, create a memorable impression, and create a large amount of social buzz. The strategy generates more attention for your products and services in a shorter amount of time. The concept and message behind the idea conveyed to the audience should be clear and effective. A good idea doesn’t need to be implemented expensively, so if your company has a creative solution, it can be an interesting way to interact with your audience, it can be highly impactful for your brand.

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