5 Crucial Lessons From a Young Entrepreneur

Here are 5 valuable lessons from my experience owning businesses from a young age.

Brendan Cox, Author of “Strictly Business: How to Crush it as a Young Entrepreneur”

Finding the balance between success and failure in the entrepreneurial world can be very challenging. Although failure is an important aspect of learning and growing as a business owner, certain mistakes can be avoided with the right advice and insights from experienced minds. 

Here are five crucial lessons that I’ve learned amongst the last 5 years of owning numerous businesses:

Stop Caring What Other People Think

The first rule of business is knowing that you can never satisfy everybody’s wants. Listen only to those who genuinely seek to add value to your business.

Surround Yourself With Smart People

Odds are that the people you surround yourself with influence you and your business way more than you think. Build a network of people with a similar mindset and drive as you. The stronger your network, the better your chances of making it big in the business world.

Talk Less, DO More

No one likes a talkative person that gets nothing done. People often react more to what you do more than what you say. Learn to voice your ideas less and instead let your actions do the talking.

Network 24-7

Whether you are in school, on social media or simply doing some errands, you can consistently be networking. Meeting new people and letting them know what you and your business is all about is a great way to spread the word about your company. 

Don’t Compare Yourselves to Other People

While taking a break to evaluate yourself is ideal in any business setting, comparing yourself to other people isn’t. Try as much as possible to avoid comparisons as half of the things you see on social media are far from reality.

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Written by Brendan Cox

Brendan Cox is an American entrepreneur specializing in influencer marketing and social media. He is a driven entrepreneur looking to help businesses and influencers leverage social media to the fullest extent. Under his leadership, Business Blurb has grown exponentially and became the fastest-growing Entrepreneurial Media company.

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