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It’s a fierce market out there, but by focusing on these trends you should be able to increase your brand’s traffic considerably. Let’s take a look at 5 digital marketing trends that you should not miss in 2021!

Local SEO

Local SEO algorithms are changing all of the time and if you are using this to attract local customers, then you need to keep a close watch on Local SEO. For instance, have you considered adding local attractions in your keywords?

Adding a keyword which relates something which your location is known for can improve your Local SEO visibility. Also, is your business verified? This can increase the rank value in Google SERPS in regards to your business and if you haven’t done it, it is easy to do.

Simply register with the ‘Google My Business’ option and your ranking will improve!

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is a kind of specialized marketing where, instead of launching a large, expensive campaign, a business launches an assortment of smaller, more targeted advertising. This isn’t new, but the reason that it’s really going to matter in 2021 is something we’re all growing more familiar with.

Data collection.

Websites of today collect a lot of data and giants like Facebook and Google are grabbing some of the most. That’s why when you visit these sites, they are able to inundate you with ads and content that are so eerily precise.

This data collection has been going on for a while and as it is AI-driven, Customer Segmentation is growing more and more effective by the moment. Take advantage before your competition does and you might just enjoy an edge.

RE-targeting your ads

Take a good look at the analytics behind your current advertising and you might notice a depressing trend. How many of those ads that you worked so hard on are being completely blocked? Most likely the answer is going to be ‘quite a few’ and this is a sign that you’ll need to evolve your strategy.

For 2021, a better option might be going with sponsored content or even better, by going the ‘influencer’ route. Advertising evolves, but one thing that has never changed is the tendency of people to pay attention to products or services endorsed by a celebrity presence.

Image Search SEO optimization

Google started something big with their reverse-image search. You could take an image and look for places where it shows up. This has, of course, evolved and now searches can also associate keywords and alt-text with images. It’s something that you want to take advantage of.

Whenever you submit an image, make sure that it is of high quality and associate keywords and alt-text with it in order to ensure that it gets found and can redirect a portion of traffic from those who find it. Also, you need to check out Google Lens.

This app allows users to take a picture of something they see, so that Google’s AI may identify it. If you have particularly clear images with keywords that Google has absorbed, it might associate with your images. By adding focus to your sitemap and alt-text data, the increasing use of Google Lens might well give you a considerable amount of visibility in 2021.

As an example of how this might be done, let’s say that you have a business called ‘Express Dishwasher repair’ and you also host a ‘How-To’ type blog that describes some repair techniques for DIY types. When you post pictures in your blog, the description text might read something like ‘Sears 1234 model dishwasher’ but you might include ‘submitted by Express dishwasher repair blog’ in the alt-text.

Every little association counts, so get in on this before everyone else does.

The evolution of Voice Search

Here’s a little something that might interest you. Try doing a manual Google search on your laptop or desktop PC and also try doing a Voice search through your phone. Experts have noticed that results are sometimes different and that means that a new Digital Trend opportunity is coming up and whoever can figure out why the searches are different is sitting on a potential goldmine.

Customers of today are using Voice searches more and more so keep an eye on the technology because this has some huge potential.

Some final words

This concludes our list of the 5 digital marketing trends that you don’t want to miss out on. As you can see, there are new technologies, as well as some existing technologies that have evolved into something greater in 2021. Be sure to pay attention to all of them so that your marketing strategy can evolve right along with them.

It just makes good, solid sense!

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