5 Emotional Ways Real Guest Blogging Makes Your Content Better

What’s the best way to lure the audience into going through your website’s content? Many would say informative content with relevant keywords. Sure, that will work. But you can’t press the audience to read informative pieces every time. The strategy will become monotonous after a while.

Real Guest Blogging, an SEO agency that specializes in content marketing, uses five techniques that hit the audience emotionally. They believe that these strategies work flawlessly for almost any type of website you can think of.

1. Narrate a story

People love to read a story. They want to connect the small moments in their lives with those stories. And simple storytelling can become an effective tool to grab your audience’s attention. It makes them emotionally invested in the message you are trying to convey.

For example, you can start by sharing your company’s history, how it started, and how everyone worked hard to bring it to such a high position in the industry. A story takes your audience on a journey where they crave for more.

2. Leverage FOMO

Suppose you are selling t-shirts for a hundred bucks. You don’t see too many customers coming. But as soon as you declare a buy-one-get-one offer or a 50% flat discount for a limited period, you see tons of customers placing orders instantly. This is what the fear of missing out is all about.

Limited period deals or limited edition products can create this effect. They draw your audiences’ attention to your content when they would otherwise not want to buy the same product.

3. Make customers feel special

Customers love to feel special after buying something from a specific brand. They want to feel superior to those who have not bought anything from the same brand. This desire to feel special can make your customers want to buy products that they may not necessarily need, but they are buying them anyway.

A good example of making your customers feel special is providing them with a loyalty membership program. It keeps your sales going, and a discounted or free product, in the end, won’t hurt your pocket.

4. Make your content compelling

Leaving questions unanswered can make your audience feel desperate. They want to know the answer as soon as possible. Suppose you ask, “What do you think our next offer is – 30% discount, buy-one-get-one coupon code, gift, or free shipping?” You ask your audience to think of the answer.

This mystery makes the content compelling. You can even take it a little further by saying that selected people who give the right answer will get that specific offer on their next purchase.

5. Set goals that you can achieve

Ask your audience about the changes they want to see in your brand in a year. Declare the change that you would bring to the brand within the stipulated time. Keep informing your audience about the progress you are making towards that goal.

Once you reach that goal, you can highlight your achievement. This will prove that your brand delivers what it promises.

If your content doesn’t seem to resonate with your audience, perhaps it’s time for a change. Try using the above techniques to connect with them at a more personal and emotional level. You might be surprised that these simple tactics can boost your content marketing efforts and generate more sales at the same time.

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