5 Evergreen Vehicle Business Ideas

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Vehicle businesses are always going to make money. It doesn’t matter if they are petrol engines, jet engines, or electric scooters, if you own a firm that transports people around, you are always going to find yourself in demand.

An estimated 1.4 billion people in the world use motorized vehicles to get around. That spells a never-ending procession of car-related businesses that are never out of work. From valeting to mechanics, here are some of our favorite evergreen car business ideas for 2021.

5 Evergreen Ideas for a Vehicle Business

Consider the following car businesses if you are striking out on your own.


Cars will always need shelters and you don’t need to be a mechanic to be able to build one. Admittedly, a joinery background wouldn’t hurt. Rather than thinking of full garages, think of carports, instead. There are fancy ones, like those made by Carport Sydney, and there are basic ones, which are no more than four poles and a roof. Either way, people like to protect their investment and carports can help them.


If you can’t afford the outset costs of a full valeting service, then start small. Advertise yourself as a detailed car cleaning technician, invest in good products that last the distance, and set yourself up as a mobile interior car cleaner. This business could be expanded in all sorts of directions if it is successful. For example, you might add in dashboard repair and team it with an exterior cleaning location.

Panel Beating

Being able to take the dents out of cars is a service that is going to stick around, even if we all change to electric cars in the next ten years. Panel beaters go to college to study their trade, invest a small fortune in tools and can walk into most garages and find work waiting for them. People have fender benders every day. You could be the person that fixes them.

Go Solo as a Driver

Numerous apps let you go solo as a driver nowadays. From Lyft to Uber, you could be ferrying people around at odd hours of the night, coming and going from all sorts of places. It might not be the most glamorous car-related job, but if we have had transport, we have relied on drivers to get us around in them. This isn’t a trend that will die out with the electric car, either.

Become a Car Dealer

If you have a lot of start-up capital and you want to make an investment that will pay off for years to come, buying over a car dealership could be the answer. It’s big bucks but it comes with big rewards. Offering car finance deals to new customers is another way to make even more money from a car dealership. You can even decide how luxurious the cars that you sell are. 

Cars are here to stay

We might change how their engines work, but the new evolution to the electric vehicle isn’t going to write all cars off, just yet. 

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