5 Health Benefits of Liquid Zinc

Going into the new year, health is on a lot of our minds. Not just outside perception of health, but internal health; the health of your bodily systems. If you’ve done some research, you’ll see that there are a few vitamins that your body craves for its various daily functions.

One that is particularly helpful to multiple systems in your body is zinc, an essential mineral to your body’s overall wellness. It’s very abundant in your body, second only to iron. You can buy this mineral in a few different forms, including a pill or easy-to-take liquid zinc. Here are a few essential health benefits of taking liquid zinc.

1. Immune Support

This one may be a benefit you have already heard about, as zinc is popular for treating the common cold. First and foremost, zinc plays a crucial role in immune cell function and signaling. Zinc stimulates responses in these immune cells while controlling and regulating the system. It has been shown to significantly reduce the length of the common cold and play a positive role in older adults’ immune response.

2. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is typically the root cause of many health issues, including pain, mental decline, and many chronic illnesses. This inflammation, and many chronic diseases, are caused by oxidative stress of the cells in your body. Zinc has antioxidant properties and can also reduce inflammatory proteins in your body, which means it can directly combat this issue in multiple ways.

3. Could Help with Acne and Overall Skin Health

The primary causes of acne are clogged pores, skin inflammation, and an excess of certain bacteria in the skin. Zinc can help in both topical and orally-taken forms to reduce the number of these bacteria, calming and decreasing inflammation and slowing down the overproduction of oils in your glands.

These anti-inflammatory properties make it efficient at treating not only acne but also other skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, skin ulcers, warts, and other common skin problems. This makes it perfect for promoting and maintaining overall skin health.

4. Wound Healing

Zinc has properties that aid in cell membrane repair, collagen formation, cell division, and protein synthesis. These things are necessary for the wound repair process, making zinc a useful and essential mineral for healing wounds on the body. These, in combination with the critical immune-supporting benefits it offers to prevent infection, provide the perfect cocktail of beneficial properties to speed along a more intensive healing process.

5. Zinc and Erectile Dysfunction

Though many factors can cause erectile dysfunction in men, one of the contributing factors can be testosterone deficiency. Both testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction can be linked directly to a zinc deficiency, and zinc can improve testosterone’s natural levels and help relieve ED symptoms. It is important to note that studies are still being conducted to prove how zinc interacts with testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

Why Liquid Zinc is Better

Though zinc is found in many of the foods we eat, there are still groups of people who cannot get enough zinc from their daily diet, like vegans and vegetarians, those with GI problems, and alcoholism. This is where zinc supplements can be beneficial in providing your body with the zinc it needs.

Liquid zinc provides a comfortable, straightforward way to get this essential mineral into your body. It’s easier to swallow than a pill, vegan, celiac-friendly, and can be a more accessible way to get zinc directly into your system. An adult male needs 11 milligrams each day, and adult women should take 8.

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