5 Influencer Agencies to Watch in 2021

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing, that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers or individuals who have a dedicated social following, or are viewed as experts in their field. Influencer marketing has exploded over the past few years, with brands looking to capitalise on the audiences of these influencers in a cost-effective, performance-driven manner.

Without the right guidance and experience however, influencer marketing can be tricky – to say the least. Fortunately there are businesses dedicated to helping you maximise your influencer marketing campaigns, and here I share 5 influencer agencies to watch in 2021.

YKONE (@ykoneagency)

Specializing in influencer marketing, YKONE is the first agency in the world to cater to luxury Beauty, Fashion, Travel, and Lifestyle brands. It was founded by Olivier Billon, an expert marketer who worked at L’Oréal Paris as their Digital Marketing Manager for the Luxury Division. In 2008, he decided to pursue something of his own, and that’s how YKONE was born. 

The project has grown from a French company to a multi-national brand with a presence in 11 of the world’s most buzzing cities, including Paris, Milan, New York, Dubai, and more. YKONE has a unique offering and an innovative data-driven approach that combines cutting-edge creativity and an unparalleled network of influencers and celebrities. 

The team behind YKONE has mastered the art of influence and they provide powerful services that center around mesmerizing imagery, videography, and poetic storytelling. They bring brands to life with their highly creative abilities and they reach millions of people through social media to help brands grow. 

They are pioneers of the influencer marketing industry and they provide bespoke creative solutions that are highly valuable and effective. YKONE has even developed in-house digital tools, such as Campaygn, and they offer a 360° approach to influencer marketing. This is possible thanks to their unique capacity to integrate influencers throughout all brand touchpoints. 

Neon Rose (@neonroseagency)

Representing some of the biggest talents and brands, Neon Rose is the leading health, wellness, and lifestyle agency in the influencer marketing industry. The agency is on a mission to close the gap between influencers and brands through a holistic approach that combines mind, body, soul, and social (of course). 

Neon Rose has a talent division and a brand division, each with specific goals. Their talent division represents 40 exclusive content creators who reach millions of active users with highly engaging content on all social media platforms. 

Neon Rose’s brand division offers full service influencer marketing, making them a one-stop-shop for all the brand’s needs. Their services are complete and they cover every need; from the influencer strategy to the execution. The Neon Rose team of experts handles everything from A to Z so clients can rise to the next level. 

Specializing in health and wellness brands, Neon Rose allows clients to stand out from the competition with influencer marketing campaigns that are unmatched. They fulfill their client’s every need and they are able to drive the results their clients are looking for through a wide range of valuable and effective services. 

&.agency (@and.agency)

With a team of experts in influencer marketing, PR and branded content, & Agency has become one of the best marketing agencies in Amsterdam. They run data-driven content campaigns on an international level that have a positive impact on every stage of the funnel, from awareness all the way to conversion. 

What makes & Agency unique is the holistic approach they provide to service clients in the beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, and food segment. They’ve worked with the likes of Adidas, L’Oréal, Kiehl’s, HelloFresh, and Discovery, and they bring a lot of value to every single one of their clients. 

At & Agency they’re focused on the long-haul, which is why they strive to build long-lasting business relationships where brands can evolve. This is a data-driven marketing agency that’s able to report back on metrics through a real-time client dashboard that provides 24/7 access to relevant data. 

They understand just how important data is in the digital world and they are at the forefront of the latest developments in this regard to provide the best possible services. At & Agency, they have a personal approach to campaign management and execution where they build personal relationships with clients and work with them to achieve maximum results. 

Uplift Management (@upliftmanagement)

When it comes to managing talent, Uplift Management is a trusty one-stop shop for all your needs. They are experts at what they do and they manage high-caliber influencers and athletes across the United States. The company was founded in Los Angeles in 2017 and, since then, they’ve been on a mission to become the most trusted management team among entertainers, athletes, influencers, and top-tier brands. 

They are driven by a core philosophy of going “Further, Together”, and this is something they’ve always believed. Everyone on the team uplifts one another and every single one of their clients as well. They do this through hard work, dedication, and the belief that nothing is impossible; this is what fuels Uplift Management. 

One of their main goals is to build long-lasting relationships between brands and their clients through mutually beneficial campaigns and endorsements. The Uplift Management team actively pairs interested brands with clients who will successfully represent the brands’ values and improve their marketing strategies. 

They truly care about providing the best possible experience, not only to brands but also to the talent they manage. Uplift Management provides transparent communications so they can build the kind of trust it’s not easy to find somewhere else. Caring for people combined with a gold standard of work has allowed this company to grow strong and provide highly valuable services. 

Whink Creative Agency (@WhinkCreative)

Focused entirely on working for brands, Whink Creative Agency is not like other influencer agencies that carry a roster of talent. Their focus lies entirely on brands and they specialize in helping them find niche influencers to expand their reach. They have a hands-on boutique approach where clients have direct access to the owner, something that has gained them popularity with brands such as See’s Candies. 

Consistently, Whink Creative Agency helps brands save over 70% in influencer rates. Their secret sauce is high-touch relationships with influencers and agents, and unconventional research techniques to find niche influencers that are already organically affiliated with a brand or product. They understand the best campaigns come when an influencer already has an affinity for a brand. 

Whink Creative takes care of seeking, negotiating, and managing every aspect of the campaign – providing brands with constant, fresh content for their marketing channels. 

Whink Creative Agency is a new kind of influencer agency that provides an out-sourced in-house influencer marketing team for brands. As brands grow, they don’t always have a full-time staff dedicated entirely to influencer marketing. Whink Creative Agency steps in and fulfills that need to help brands elevate their influencer marketing strategy so it matches their growth.


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