5 Instagram Myths You Must Know About To Succeed In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you use social media channels like Instagram to boost engagement levels and online presence on these platforms? If yes, then you need to learn about some of the Instagram myths that could adversely affect your business growth online. To be candid, several misconceptions are surrounding Instagram and that need to be busted. Yes, you need to separate fact from fiction to implement a foolproof social media strategy for the success and growth of your business.

Many of these fallacies could deter your brand from reaching its maximum potential to stay afloat in this age of stiff competition when all businesses are going digital. According to an article published on Entrepreneur.com, many social media myths must be avoided. These include things like social media marketing calls for an abnormal amount of your effort and time, a business cannot reach out to old customers on social media sites, video social media is too expensive and time-consuming, and more.

Instagram has become the dominant focal point as perhaps the main online media stages for brands, all things considered. It has high commission rates, and clients are effectively hoping to associate with, follow, and even shop from organizations on Instagram, making it a ground-breaking social juggernaut.

Brands are progressively rushing to the stage and rapidly searching for better approaches to remain serious and draw in with potential and existing devotees the same.

In this article, we will walk you through the five greatest myths about Instagram that you need to succeed in your social media marketing strategy.

  1. Business Instagram affects your brand engagement

It is one of the greatest myths to linger since the inception of Instagram in the year 2016. There is no way that your brand engagement is affected just because you opt for a business account. There is no truth in this fact. To be candid, several businesses are switching to a business Instagram profile that is beneficial for them. That is because you have better access to IG Analytics, auto-publish on IG using tools, and swipe up links when it comes to Instagram Stories.

Even when you notice a significant dip when you move to a business profile, it will not affect your social media strategy much. That is because with a business account, you have access to more exciting and useful Instagram features so that you can make more informed and strategic decisions for taking your online business to the next level.

When you are contemplating switching to a business page, opt for an official IG partner such as Later. This way, you gain exclusive rights to access IG tools, APIs so that your account is extremely safe, secure.

  1. Posting frequently on Instagram is essential for your success

This is another lie or misconception because Instagram is more about quality than quantity. Even if you post photos or videos thrice in a week, that is fine. Just ensure that you share high-definition images and nothing mediocre.

You need to post photos consistently on Instagram and not like five pictures daily. If you are busy with your business, make the best use of scheduling tools so that you never forget to share quality content on this image-sharing social media app. You can share IG content at the best times with scheduling tools to reach out to your audience.

Scheduling your IG posts is easy if you have a hang of this social platform. It is the best way to save your time, boost productivity, and stay connected with your IG audience. When you have a scheduling tool, you get an opportunity to win back the time that you can spend to build your business plans or growing your social media community. It is a win-win scenario for you, especially if you have tools to schedule posts at peak times.

Stay away from these misconceptions and make an effort to buy Instagram views for building engagement on this social site.

  1. Instagram penalizes IG Story views

Do not pay heed to this rumor. Though there have been instances where brands noticed dips in their IG Stories, its impact is not that damaging for your business Did you know that Instagram corroborated that when it comes to fake views on IG Stories, it is true, as growth hackers invaded your Instagram view count.

Third-party services, especially bot services let profiles view endless stories on their behalf for increasing exposure and boost their following. It led to an uptick of Instagram story views, however, from ghost profiles.

The truth is that Instagram succeeded incracking down on misleading bots that made Story views dip significantly over a couple of weeks. Though apparently, it may seem bad that your business profile is dipping, actually it is a great thing for your business.

Fake views do not add any value to your brand and therefore, it is better to have fewer views than fake ones. Remember that no genuine engagement would affect your IG algorithm ranking. Therefore, do not fret if your IG views dip. Focus on genuine user engagement.

  1. Instagram is blocking business pages

This is a complete myth because there exists, nothing as shadow banning your IG business profile. The rumor was that your posts would be blocked from the IG feed if you similar hashtags repeatedly and like too many Instagram posts. Not all such information is the truth.

When inquired about the blocking of content, Instagram confirmed that the platform would not hide user content for too many likes or using similar hashtags. Therefore, relax because all your posts will appear on the Instagram feed no matter whether you like too many posts or use the same hashtags. If you are using the relevant hashtags of your business, your posts are safe.

  1. Instagram uses and steals your images in any way

This myth started back in 2012 and doing the rounds since that time. The truth is that when you sign up for Instagram, you permit the platform to collate all information and content when using IG and its products. It means you have already permitted Instagram to use your content and therefore, it does not mean stealing your images or videos. It is as simple as that.

Instagram uses your content to improve products, research, and enhance the ad quality you see in the feed. It means you see more relevant content.

We’ve known for some time that Instagram began testing a version of the application that eliminated the like counter from posts. Clients could in any case like each other’s substance, and the proprietor of the posts could see who preferred it, however, nobody else could.

This content has been extending to more areas, making it progressively likely that this may turn into a more lasting change. Along these lines, a few groups have begun to accept that preferences will not make any difference any longer. But that’s not true for some reasons.


Now that the biggest Instagram myths are busted, you can implement your social media marketing strategy with confidence and without any misleading information. Make the most out of Instagram to grow your business and audience online.

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