5 Magic Tricks I Use to Hack My Personal Growth


In my previous article, I discussed the ten habits I adopted that turned me from penniless to a millionaire several years ago. I’m now in a good place in life, still growing and preparing myself for explosive growth.

How do I know that I’m about to enter an “explosive” growth period? Because I’ve been doing the impossible things especially well, like a magician on the stage performing magic tricks.

One of my favorite magicians is Andrew Mayne. He is the star of A&E’s Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne.

What I love the most about him is more than his amazing tricks, intense focus, speed, and all the mesmerizing stuff a magician does. I like the fact that he’s one of the most efficient life hackers out there.

Other than performing magic, Mayne is also a novelist and a non-fiction book author. He has published 11 novels and three non-fiction books.

In his book “How to Write a Novella in 24 Hours,” he shared how his productivity level was enhanced by an intense focus to finish a publishable quality novella of 17,500 words in 24 hours without missing sleep. So, it’s safe to assume that he writes 1,000 words per hour (which is what my speed is) in 18 to 19 hours straight. There, he also shared how he “hacked” life for efficiency and accuracy.

As a book author myself, I can manage writing 5,000 to 7,500 words of publishable quality per day, so a short ebook (or “novella”) is doable in 3 to 4 days. I haven’t reached productivity level like Mayne’s, but I’m getting there.

How? With extreme focusing and practicing four other tricks.

While I’m using my writing activities as an example, you can change “writing” into something else that’s your passion, calling, or job.

1. Extreme focusing like nothing else matters.

When I’m focusing my mind on something, nothing else matters. Except, perhaps, when there is fire or a firing gun nearby. Total focus on eliminating physical and mental distractions are key.

To produce 1000 to 2000 words per hour, my mind must be super clear, super sharp, and my fingers type at least 50 words per minute. The key is to make your mind and body in total sync. When they’re in sync, the result would be optimized or, even, maximized.

2. Leveraging time and activities with outsourcing.

Outsource things that can be done by someone else. Some chores and errands are so time-consuming. Call helpers; there are so many apps for that, ranging from the merry-maid type of service to “man servants” whenever you need to be treated like a queen at the end of the day.

Hire a full-time virtual assistant who performs Web-based tasks and communicates via email and Skype. I once hired an assistant based in Manila via OnlineJobs.ph, which cost me a few hundred dollars per month. You can progress to hiring a team based in your office when budget allows.

3. Eliminating personal relationship distractions.

The most successful individuals don’t deal with high maintenance girlfriends or deadbeat husbands. Think Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and others. Their relationships are stable and supportive, which allow their mental energy to be used for productive things instead of dealing with negativity.

When my marriage was on the rocks, I wasn’t productive. I felt depressed and was unsure about many things. Today, being single and divorced, I feel whole, at home, and ready to focus. It’s as if I’ve found my groove back and an untapped mental energy.

Remember this: If a relationship doesn’t provide positive energy, it’s better to remain single.

4. Distracting stakeholders strategically.

A magician does two things well: Focus and distract. They would focus on a task so well with speed and precision, while at the same time distracting audience to buy a few nanoseconds to complete it.

In life, you should focus on a goal, which is measurable and comes with a due date, while also looking so effortless and natural. Mesmerize your audience with a strategic “distraction,” which can be anything that would make them go uhh and ahh when it’s done. In other words, be impressive.

5. Performing with amazing results.

Ideas don’t mean anything. Performance means everything. Unless your “trick” mesmerizes, it’s not “magic.” Execute well and make sure the result is explosive, worthy of your audience. Mesmerizing is a part of the job.

Your personal growth would multiply many times over with these five tricks. And a magician has a cool, calm, and collected demeanor. It’s also a part of the job.

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