5 Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Local Business.

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Using digital marketing to advertise your local business is a great way to generate more leads, increase sales, increase brand recognition, and create repeat business. You can advertise over many different internet platforms, like Instagram, Groupon, and Google, which will allow you to advertise and appeal to a wide range of local people.

Advertise on Social Media

Everyone and their mother use Facebook. It is an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your business to people in your area. Currently, over two million small businesses use Facebook as a platform to advertise their work and millions of others use Facebook to connect to friends and family, and reach out to their favorite brands!

Instagram is also a great platform to advertise on, especially if your business has a strong visual component. For example, if you are a local landscaping contractor, you can share tons of stunning landscaping photos on social media to impress potential customers.

Studies have also shown that businesses that advertise on social media have stronger brand recognition and brand loyalty. You will be able to connect with your customer on a more emotional level.

Another benefit to advertising on social media is that you can set up your ads to run at certain times. This means you can present advertisements to run, and then forget about them while you work on other aspects of your local business!

Advertising on social media can help get your brand to the public quickly and effectively. By using social media to advertise to local people, you can help increase sales, build your brand, and drive website traffic. This is one of the more popular ways to advertise your local business to those around you!

Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful tool that can effectively bring recognition to your small business. When a customer uses Google My Business, instead of seeing one ad they see three or four local businesses listed.

Not only will your small business be seen by more people, but Google My Business also allows you to include all of the necessary information about your business in one area. You can advertise your business location, hours, Covid-19 policies, contact information, service options, and reviews. Google My Business is a great digital marketing tool to reach a local audience!

Coupon Deal Sites

Everybody loves a good deal, so using sites like Groupon and Coupons.com are great places to advertise your local business! Coupon sites work by advertising to large groups of people by location, and then allow local businesses to advertise their discounts!

Another great thing about advertising your local business on coupon sites is that you will quickly gain customers! You will need to know how to mark up your services accurately in order to make enough money off of the sale you are offering. Advertising this way is also a good way to offer new products and services!

Promote a Free Consultation

Free is all of our favorites. Promoting free consultations to help advertise your local business is a great way to reach new people in your area! You will generate new leads with the promotion, and with excellent services, those leads can lead to more jobs.

Promoting a free consultation is best for those offering professional services. It will also help you create a platform to upsell on which will provide your customer with more information on the product they are looking for. There are many sites that will help you with promotional advertising for your small business, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Search Engine Marketing

Millions of Google searches happen each day and millions of keywords are used to find local businesses and services in those searches. Search Engine Marketing is a great tool that will help you reach a large number of people in your area. In fact, studies show that 85% of retailers surveyed said search engines marked the most successful form of marketing for them!

First, you want to think about keywords that relate to your local business or service. You want them to be words that people would think of when they think about your business to ensure the maximum number of people are clicking on your website. Each of those keywords will get an advertisement. In this case, they are usually text ads.

Finally, your keywords will show up in search engine searches, and you are on your way to generating a local customer base and audience for your small business. The biggest advantage to search engine marketing is that you are entering a local audience that is already searching for other companies like yours.

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