5 Pillars of E-Commerce With Jay Jones of Passiveautomation.IO – Walmart Automation Expert

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Financial freedom allows people to live the life they want, on their own terms. This is a real and attainable possibility if done the right way, serial entrepreneur and leader in the e-commerce game Jay Jones is an expert when it comes to starting and scaling e-commerce businesses, reaching success himself with e-commerce automation, he now works with aspiring entrepreneurs and others who want to achieve the same thing. One of the biggest areas he is focusing on right now is e-commerce through Walmart automation, with his team at passiveautomation.io, they are boosting others to reach 6 and 7 figure successes.

The Walmart automation model that Jay has developed is a done-for-you system that helps people create sustainable long-term passive income streams, something Jones has perfected over the last several years. Through a proven profit-sharing partnership his team sets up, and manages e-commerce general stores, then capitalizes on top-selling products and scales the stores up to reach maximum earning potential.

“Our e-commerce store is an automated, done for you, 6 to7 figures generating Walmart automation business. We use a drop shipping model that is completely hands-off to the partner. We call our “clients” partners because they are the main capital investors and we run the entire business and day-to-day. We have a full team for fulfillment, customer service, and a personalized agent for every store. We also have our exclusive viral product proprietary software that searches for new products around the clock.”

Jones is no newcomer to the game and has done everything from traveling sales, specialized stores, even selling t-shirts out of his car. He has seen success, and failure, and uses those lessons and experiences to boost others. Jones shared the five pillars of e-commerce success that have helped him go from an unknown startup to a world-traveled millionaire and mentor to thousands.

  • Automation – Taking a routine manual task, and using technology to streamline the workflow, as is the case with passiveautomation.io frees up time and scales your business, and allows for one to be a non-owner reliant business owner.
  • Systems – Understanding the different systems is a key part of success in e-commerce. Creating SOP’s, standard operating procedures, allows any business to move smoothly and so when something goes wrong there are already procedures in place making it easy to fix.
  • Delegation – Delegation of tasks and responsibilities to a team is going to streamline the process even further, and free up time for other important tasks like securing capital, scaling strategy, etc. Delegation allows one to work on their business, not for their business.
  • Cash Flow – Cash flow is king to jump-start your business and keep it going. Dropshipping through Walmart automation gives one a proven concept – which is the beauty of dropshipping products before buying the inventory.
  • Assets – Starting an e-commerce business, such as Walmart automation and dropshipping is a powerful step towards building an asset to pass on to family or sell later on down the line.

“When investors buy a product they want a highly leveraged proven system with positive ROI month after month. You will not only own your own Walmart store but a Shopify store, your own data of your email customer list. You too can have this level of success when you work with Alpha Automation/ passiveautomation.io and let us implement the 5 pillars of e-commerce success in your business.”

Jones became an expert in e-commerce by jumping in and learning on the go, now he takes all that experience and offers clients a done for you model of both e-commerce through Walmart automation, as well as Done For You Funding, which will help people acquire funding to chase their dreams.

Learn more about Jay Jones from his Linktree, and see how you can start your own Walmart automation e-commerce business with passiveautomation.io and Done For You Funding.

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