5 Power Moves That Attract Influencers to Your Facebook Group


I started a Facebook group that attracted high-level thought leaders and got featured in Forbes.

But three months prior to that tipping point in my career,  I was the girl on social media who had just come off of a zero sale course launch.

Yup, you heard that right—ZERO SALES.

For a year, I had been struggling in my old coaching business and that launch ended up being the last straw. It was a huge blow to my self-esteem and my ego. I refused to go another year being so broke.

I ended up desperately reaching out to this business coach with tears and snot running down my face, feeling so broken, begging her to coach me. On the call, all I was expecting for her was to give me another strategy, tactic, or something.

Instead, she cussed me out.

Because what I was doing on the side while running my old coaching business got her furious!

The past three years prior to starting this Facebook group and stepping into the business you see today, I was networking and doing high-level introductions and media pitching on the side for other entrepreneurs in my circle.

  • I got a young coach with under 400 followers on Instagram into Vice Magazine. That feature ended up getting her in front of the eyes of a TV producer and now she’s in the negotiations for her own TV show with a major network.
  • I pitched two other millennial coaches to a Forbes Columnist, which got them a feature on Forbes as well as a podcast interview on a ForbesUnder30 channel podcast.
  • I was in my pajamas a couple of days after New Years 2015 and pitched a major magazine to start a Millennial Thought Leaders Conference with me through a single tweet and they said yes.

Yet, I never thought that teaching young entrepreneurs how to show up as thought leaders was a topic I could coach/mentor other entrepreneurs on because I literally thought anybody could do it.

And I never took the time/effort to apply it to my own business because I didn’t feel worthy. I would always tell myself that I needed to have more followers on social media before I could even think of asking an influencer to collaborate or pitch a high-level media outlet for myself.

Not the case at all!

You can do that stuff now! And I don’t ever want to see a powerhouse entrepreneur on the rise stop themselves from stepping up into their power because they don’t feel worthy or ready yet.

I did that for three years and it sucks!

We could spend years in our business waiting to feel worthy. Waiting to feel influential enough. Waiting to get the large follower numbers, bloated e-mail lists, and 20k+ months in our business, before we even think that we are qualified to rise up and step into the next level of influence in our businesses.

Now is as good a time as any.

I want to take the time right now to show you the 5 power moves I did within the first month of starting my Facebook group community that got the momentum going in my business and attracted high-level influencers to my group.

Have a Movement and a Deeper Message Behind Your Facebook Group

The reason why I created my Facebook group was to hold a supportive space for empowering the next generation of global leaders so as a collective we can help bring healing where there is suffering, hope where there is doubt, and courage where there is fear in the world.

That mission pushed me to go beyond myself and to think bigger.

Having a deeper authentic mission behind your Facebook group makes it so much easier to inspire others to join in on that collective mission.

It’s not just a mission. It becomes a movement that they can get excited about being a part of.

Action Tip: Take a moment and think about your deeper why. What made you become an entrepreneur? What did your breaking point look like? Write down what pain point or inspiration inspired you to do the work you’re doing now. Now get even more specific. That’s your bigger why!

Inspire Members to See Themselves as Powerful

Dale Carnegie says, “You can get further in 2 months being interested in other people than you can in 2 years getting other people interested in you.”

And it’s true.

When members post in your Facebook group, don’t just write a generic, “Sounds good!” or “Nice job!” on their post. Take a moment to really see them and be present.

I feel that our deepest pain in this world is not feeling seen and heard for the battle we are going through in our own lives and communities.

So if you take anything from this article, take a moment and get genuinely interested in those you call your audience, tribe, or followers.

Really see the person for who they are.

They aren’t just a member or another number to add to your membership goals.

They’re a real person with real needs.

For the first two weeks when I started my group, I committed myself to writing a paragraph on every post saying what I admired about that person and how much I appreciated them for being there.

That set the tone for my group, and it encouraged members to do the same for others. I’m always getting responses such as, “Your group is so active!,” or ,”I love the energy in your group everyone is so supportive!”

And while I can’t do that on every post now, when I comment and post its always with intention.

Action Tip: Ask yourself this question, and then write down your answer: “How do you want other people to feel when you’re in their presence?”

For me, I wanted my tribe to feel nurtured, supported, and empowered. So I wrote back to them in a nurturing, supportive, and empowering tone.

If you want your tribe to feel silly when they’re around you, then write back in a silly tone.

The host sets the tone, and the members you let in are of that same tone as well. Which leads into our next point.

Be Selective and Incredibly Protective of Your Space

Tony Robbins gave an amazing talk about being selective in your business and protective of your energy.

I’m protective of my space right off the bat ❤️.

I don’t accept everyone who requests to join my group, and I’ve had to kick out members because their vibe didn’t match with the group.

I’ve seen groups with 12,000+ members but with zero engagement and posts that looked like a drive-by promotion bin—which is the equivalent of having a house party that got out of control while you and your close friends are hiding in the bathroom afraid to go downstairs.

Engagement is king in Facebook groups and if you let your engagement levels go down, the value of your group goes down with it.

So that’s why it’s so important to be selective of who you let into your group and stay on top of managing it.

Action tip: Create an avatar for your ideal Facebook group member. Are they a life coach? Are they a tech entrepreneur? What type of content would they share?

When I’m accepting new members into the group, I check out their Facebook page and business page and look at their content, and then I go Marie Kondo style and ask, “Does their content spark joy?”

It’s either a hell yes or a hell no!

When You Pitch Influencers to Join Your Group, Highlight the Shining Achievements of the Members of Your Group

When I started my Facebook group, I knew I wanted to create a community of high-level and high-vibe millennial thought leaders who were doing big things in the world.

And so I held onto that vision and made sure that my group would be something that influencers would WANT to join.

I already had friends who were HayHouse authors, Instagram influencers, and one of my friends was in the negotiations for her own TV show.

So I leveraged the collective success of the group to reach out to bigger and bigger names.

Action Tip: If you don’t have that network already—no problem! Do a little research in your industry and reach out to someone in your specific niche who has a slightly larger following than you. Get curious about what they are up to and offer something of value. This can be a testimonial, a warm lead for one of their programs, or even just send them something kind saying how much you appreciate what they are doing in the world.

One of the key mistakes I see entrepreneurs make all the time is having their first conversation with an influencer be a hard pitch—be a brand ambassador for my product, collaborate with me, be an affiliate for my course. No one wants to look at their inbox and see a whole bunch of e-mails from strangers who want something for free—that’s annoying. Offer something of value first and develop a know, like, and trust factor.

Pro Tip: One of the things I teach my clients is how to pitch from a place of strength and how to show up as an equal in your space. [bctt tweet=”‘If you can make a pitch look like a give your success rate with influencers will skyrocket!’-” username=”amandariverapr @influencive”]

Host Member Exclusive Events and Experiences

Look at what the paid Facebook groups are doing and then offer more.

Most of the paid Facebook groups I was looking at had members supporting each other, but the admin didn’t offer anything super exclusive besides support and some extra content here or there.

That’s an opportunity for disruption in a space!

I follow Ramit Sethi‘s view, “Have your free stuff be better than everyone’s paid stuff” to an extreme!

So I did Facebook Live events and posts with high-level content that was stronger than most people’s courses. I hosted workshops and virtual summits within the group and even collaborated with a ForbesUnder30 channel podcast host to do a virtual summit with influencers who’ve hung out with Richard Branson, have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company, and are conscious entrepreneurs with powerful missions here on earth.

I treated it as if they were paying $30,000 for a V.I.P. Membership and showed up 100 percent.

Which, on a side note, makes sales so much easier! My most recent client signed on because he saw my Facebook group and asked how he could work with me.

Action Tip: Look at your best content—now give it away. If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are, you’re an infinite storehouse of ideas and strategies. You don’t lack for ideas and new concepts, so it’s impossible to give all your ideas/strategies away. You’re awlays going to come up with something else.

But this time, when you come up with something else, it will be stronger than your original best stuff because you’ve tested it out on a real audience.

At the end of the day, regardless of whether you decide to start a Facebook group or not, whichever platform you’re on, create a space that is high-vibe and where you’re putting out your best work.

Law of Attraction says that, “Like attracts Like.” So if you want to attract influencers to your facebook group, summit, podcast, or live event, then be influential yourself.

If you’re on this site right now, you’re not your everyday millennial entrepreneur. You go so much deeper than that. You’re not here to be famous. You’re here to truly step up and do the work that needs to be done in the world. You’re here to create an impact, and you know with every fiber of your being that with the right guidance and support you can make it happen.

One of the biggest things that stop us from becoming influential is worthiness. When I let go of the limiting belief that I wasn’t ready or worthy enough to be seen in my space, that’s when everything shifted in my business. You are influential right now. So go create something that attracts the best and makes the most impact.

Don’t ever for a second lose faith in the greatness within you. You’re here to make an impact and leave a legacy!

Now you know how to attract influencers to your Facebook groups, want to learn how to write articles that will amp up your influence and get you featured in major media? Grab your free major media Workbook here.

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