5 Reasons Being An Entrepreneur Sucks

For those already in the game, being an entrepreneur can be fun and extremely lucrative, but don’t expect overnight success. Social media has portrayed becoming an entrepreneur as a luxury lifestyle when that’s far from reality (at least in the early stages).

Here are 5 reasons why being an entrepreneur sucks:

Your income is up to you

As an entrepreneur, your income depends solely on your capabilities. The more effort you put in, the more money you have a chance of making. This can be stressful and often discourages people from becoming an entrepreneur in the first place.

There is no clocking out

There’s no clocking out as an entrepreneur. There are no such hours as 9-5 or anything near it, you are pretty much on the clock 24-7. Anything could go wrong at any hour of the day and it all falls back on you.

Your employees depend on your success

Your employees literally depend on you for their own success. There’s lots of pressure on you when not only you rely on your income but others do as well.

You don’t get any paid time off

There is no such thing as a paid vacation for an entrepreneur. The more time you take off, the less money you are making. As an entrepreneur, you aren’t guaranteed any income if you take time off.

You don’t have a 401k

As an entrepreneur, there is no set-out pension plan for you. Unlike government agencies that have pension plans marked out for their employees, you are your own pension plan. Failing to plan for retirement is disastrous if you are an entrepreneur. 

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