5 Reasons why Marketing on Instagram & TIktok Should be Your Priority

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Social media is a powerful beast, especially when used correctly. Revolutionising the way we do business, social media front runners TikTok and Instagram are constantly adapting to the demand of the consumer.

Always on top of the latest ways to engage audiences, the more recent trend of short-form video content has proven a highly effective method for drawing attention to brands – and bringing in new customers.

With the potential for one post to reach hundreds of thousands of people, businesses would be foolish not to leverage the power these platforms harness. There’s an infinite number of reasons in fact. However, if you’re still not doing it for your business, here’s 5 unique and powerful reasons that will convince you to start today.

It creates word of mouth referrals – on steroids

Referrals are an age-old way to gain new customers, however they’re arguably the most valuable for a business. Let’s say you went to a nice restaurant, the food was excellent, and you told your friend about it. This is great, but it’s simply not scalable. Social media provides a one-to-many approach to word of mouth referrals.

Let’s say you share a highly engaging and valuable post to your Instagram or TikTok, and it’s seen by 500 people. Due to the nature of the content, 10 people DM that post to a friend. Simply by sharing one piece of content, you’ve been referred to 10 new people – and hit a key touchpoint with several potential new customers. 

Stay top of mind, tip of tongue

Most marketers know that staying top of mind is important. It was said that a consumer or prospect needs 7 “touch points’ before they make a sale. According to more recent research, it is now said that it can take up to 12 touch points before someone will make a purchase. Marketing on social media daily is the perfect way to stay top of mind, tip of tongue – so that when it comes time to close the deal, it’s a no-brainer for your audience on who to choose.

It’s a great way to reach people on a budget

It’s reported that the average person spends a whopping 2 hours and 24 minutes per day scrolling social media. In my opinion, this is the marketers and advertisers dream. Not only that, the ability to directly message your audience is under-used and underrated by many companies. DM’s are the perfect way to connect with people who follow your brand, and build an even deeper affinity with you. After all, who doesn’t love a personal touch?


Virant content – what business doesn’t want that? As I previously mentioned, social media allows one post to reach a huge number of people. The beauty of the TikTok For You Page and the Instagram Reels feature, is that the algorithms of each platform favour them, which can often help the content go viral.

Viral Instagram hospitality marketing agency LickYourPhone with a whopping 2+ million followers across two socials leverage virality in all of their content and attributes Instagram’s features to its tremendous growth.

Businesses leveraging new features across Instagram and jumping on upcoming viral trends on TikTok are the ones who are going to win in the long-run – period.  If you’re after more tips on how to create viral content, HubSpot has some great resources. 

It’s another form of website 

Now before you go ahead and deregister your domain and cancel your hosting subscription, websites still serve a purpose. However, It’s no secret that websites aren’t needed in the same capacity as they used to be. With Instagram and TikTok operating as another search engine altogether, people don’t need to find your website to know that you’re a legitimate company.

Produce enough high quality, valuable content, and your social media page could just do the trick. Take Business Blurb for example. The rapidly growing entrepreneurial media giant amasses hundreds of millions of impressions across their various social channels and pays no mind to website traffic.

Growing on social media is certainly not going to be an overnight success, or could it? Regardless, these reasons should suffice as to why you should start producing content and marketing your business on Instagram & TikTok.

Not sure where to start with the content? Get creative, get clear on your target audience, study what they want and give it to them. 

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