5 Reasons Why Spotify Is Better Than Apple Music

Nobody wants to waste time searching for music

Spotify is a veteran music streaming service. The audience is several times superior to competitors. All over the world, Spotify is loved for recommendation algorithms.

Service is considered to be the best for expanding musical horizons. Nobody wants to waste time searching for music, it is better to get good recommendations based on personal preferences and the user’s listening history.

Apple Music and other services nervously smoke to the side when Spotify takes over. For a month of active use of the service, I was offered several hundred previously unfamiliar tracks, albums and performers, many of whom went well and “registered” in playlists for a long time.

This can be talked about a million times, but only those who have used Spotify will understand and appreciate it.

Now I propose to discuss other features of the service that Apple Music lacks and which make the transition to an overseas service more comfortable.

1. Play always continues

In Apple Music, if you select a track from a selection or playlist, it plays the next one. If you find a song through a search or, for example, when recognized through Shazam, then after the song there is silence.

You need to add tracks for further playback manually, create a playlist or immediately define a new track in the list.

Spotify will always continue playing regardless of whether the music was launched from a playlist, collection, or search. In the latter case, similar music will be selected, then again and again. Thus, if you do not start playing music on Spotify, it will continue to play.

The Autoplay switch in the settings is responsible for enabling and disabling the chip.

2. Fast Like or Dislike

When listening to tracks from selections or radio, Spotify has the ability to quickly like or dislike a song. This will help the service understand listener preferences more quickly.

The button for assigning a rating to the track is displayed instead of the Back button , and when the rating is selected, it simply disappears, allowing you to rewind. The button is available both from the Control Panel and from the lock screen.

It’s strange that Apple Music didn’t come up with anything like this. To rate a track, you need to: unlock your iPhone, launch the Music application, open the section with the track being played, click on the ellipsis and only then like or dislike the song. Brilliant!

In this case, if you “lower” a track in Spotify, the player will automatically switch to the next one. Logically, we don’t like this song.

3. Private session

A simple yet useful Private Session switch in Spotify options lets you keep your music preferences private. This way you can hide your listening history if you feel nostalgia for the old days or you want some musical experiments.

When the mode is on, the tracks you listened to will not be visible to friends as recommendations, or to family members who also have access to your account.

Simple and convenient.

4. Integration with

If the recommendations of one of the best algorithms do not suit you today, you can always link to Spotify. This will generate selections based on personal preference.

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For those who have long-term accounts with, the transition to Spotify will be very comfortable and easy.

5. Choosing the quality of music

In the application settings, you can select the quality of the music played and downloaded. Two different switches (for listening and for downloading) let you choose between 96, 160 or 320 kbps.

This is convenient because it allows you to regulate network traffic, control battery power and use space on the device wisely.

When you listen through AirPods while jogging, you can turn on low quality to save battery power, and when you connect your iPhone to the acoustics at home, you can choose the highest quality without sparing charge and traffic.

6. Equalizer

Apple Music’s lack of equalizer is frustrating. To adjust the frequency level, you will have to go to the iOS settings and select one of the preset options in the Music – Equalizer section. Further, the setting will affect all played sounds.

Spotify has its own equalizer. In addition to the preset settings, a manual adjustment mode is provided.

7. Music is easy to share

Apple Music through the Share menu offers to send a link to a track/playlist/station through the usual communication channels. The message can be forwarded through mail, iMessage, or other installed instant messengers.

Spotify has a kind of analogue of a QR code that is generated for any media and is located right on the cover.

I wanted to listen to what my friend was listening to, I just pointed the camera from the Spotify search and the song, collection or station is already playing on your device.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas


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