5 Reasons Why You Need A Forklift Certification

When it comes to forklifts, they are part of the contemporary world, especially in improved cargo management, outstanding transportation of products, and efficient warehouse management, which are fully functional. It means that you need special training to use forklifts safely and efficiently to avert severe accidents that frequently occur in factories and warehouses.

According to an article published in Forbes, using a forklift efficiently in a fully functional warehouse requires skilled laborers with practiced hands, spatial alertness, and without any fear of heights. This is where workers need training. Here are five reasons why you need a forklift certification:

  1. Workplace safety matters

As far as illnesses and injuries are concerned, they aren’t detrimental for your business alone but also for your workforce. When you have more accidents and injuries at your place of work, it means paying hefty workers’ compensation, more re-training expenses, missed workdays, and of course, possibilities of unsafe products or services of poor quality.

With forklift training and certification, 75,000 workers’ lives have been saved and numerous injures averted since 1970. It became possible due to effective safety practices at warehouses including forklift certification for the workers.

  1. Save dollars over the years

When your workplace has safety and health guidelines in place such as the need for a forklift certification for workers, it will help you save hundreds of dollars each year.

Based on the findings of OSHA, businesses spend $170 billion each year out of their funds, related to workplace accidents and injuries, or ailments. Therefore, when your workers have an OSHA forklift certification, your business can cut back on injury as well as illness expenses by 20 percent to 40 percent, thus adding those dollars to your business profits.

  1. Reduced maintenance expenses

When it comes to forklift maintenance, it is costly, however, not an essential expenditure when you have a construction business or for that matter equipment fleet. That is why you need to take the right steps to ensure regular maintenance so that issues do not turn into serious challenges.

Then, when there is a lack of planned maintenance because of damaged and injury-inducing accidents, the maintenance expenses may take a toll on your company’s profits significantly. You can avoid most of the on-the-job injuries or accidents when your workers have a forklift certification and have appropriate training. The training costs would cover manifold compared to expensive damage of equipment.

  1. More returns on investment

When you have no or fewer incidents, or workplace injuries, it boosts employee morale leading to more productivity, earnings, and profits. Increased productivity is the key to the success of investing in forklift training and worth the upfront expenses. A certification helps your workers learn how to avert workplace incidents and injuries to boost business ROI.

  1. Less insurance expenses

When a worker is injured, you need to provide insurance to cover required medical expenses. When you provide paperwork related to forklift certification and training to the insurance company, it is possible to reduce workers’ compensation significantly.


If you want to reduce workplace accidents and injuries, make sure you train your workers with forklift certification. Choose an OSHA-acquiescent training program as soon as possible.

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