5 Secrets of Successful YouTube Marketing

Making a YouTube channel is a child’s play. Nowadays, almost every other person has a YouTube channel. However, using the correct tools and methodology to market the content is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, to buy YouTube views and buy YouTube subscribers, you must seriously consider to up your game in the YouTube marketing field.

Read on the five secrets about successful YouTube marketing that every YouTuber should have on their fingertips.


Advertising on YouTube is often ignored and not valued. However, that is one huge mistake you do not want to be making as a YouTuber. Advertising on YouTube can make you reach a greater number of views and gain more subscribers.

There are four types: in-stream, in-search, in-slate, in-display. With the help of these options, you can curate your content and put it on display regarding contextual keywords, demographics, video interests, etc. YouTube advertisements will help you determine where which type of content is fruitful. For instance, if your channel is about cooking, your videos that deal with rice and noodles will work better in the Asian subcontinent than in the Western countries. Thus, this is one way to market and promote your content to the right audience. Do keep in mind, that YouTube advertising works best when integrated with a strategic video. However, that is not necessarily important.

Social Media Promotion

To increase engagement on your YouTube channel and your views, sharing your YouTube content on other social media platforms is the best way to go! Creating a strong social media presence be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook can go a long way to make your life as a content creator easy. Moreover, YouTube makes it all the easier to share videos on other social media sites. All you need to do is just click on the “share” icon underneath your video and choose your desired platform. You can also add your YouTube channel’s link or recent YouTube video’s link to your profile bio. This way you can attract potential subscribers from other platforms apart from YouTube.

However, when you promote your YouTube content on social media, make sure it is attractive and interesting. Do not just let people scroll past your content by simply announcing your new video. Make sure you promote it, by talking about it. You can even prepare small teasers to release on social media platforms to attract people to your YouTube videos.

Call-to-Action Overlay

Call-to-Action overlay works as a tool that helps you to brand your YouTube videos. The CTA overlay helps you to direct your crowd over what would interest them on your channel. For example, if you run a Fashion & Beauty channel and someone who is watching a makeup tutorial on your channel is a likely audience who would want to watch makeup product reviews instead of fashion trends. With the presence of a CTA button, you can put in a display URL in the video that will lead them to another video of their liking. Call-to-Action is the literal button that can help you tell your audience what to do next.

Therefore, it is important to include the CTA in every video. You can avail of this feature by clicking on the “info and settings” and the Call-To-Action overlay appears. CTAs have become the open secret of every successful YouTube channel. Using a CTA is just as important as asking people to subscribe to your channel by the end or beginning of every video. Hence, missing out on this feature is a big mistake.

Video title, description & thumbnail

The ABC of marketing your video successfully and organically on YouTube is to optimize your video title and description and create an alluring thumbnail. YouTube is a platform that has 50 videos on the same topic, so why should someone decide to watch your video over the others? This deciding factor hugely lies in what you write in your headline, how precisely you describe your video and how attractive is your thumbnail looks. Thus, it is crucial to construct all these based on the intent of the viewers.

The best way to do it is to use Google. Just type in the keywords that describe your video and look at the sponsored ads that appear. These videos are the ones that are the most popular and they are ones whose titles and descriptions will help you build a similar one for your video. Furthermore, for building quality thumbnail applications like Canva are the best pick. Make sure that your thumbnail correctly represents your video content.

Put yourself out there!

The prime way to attract people to your YouTube channel is to put yourself out there. People love watching videos with real faces in them compared to the ones that only use camera rolls and voice overs. Even when your content doesn’t need you specifically to introduce yourself to people, still take the first 10 seconds of your video and introduce yourself in person and ask people to subscribe to your channel. Additionally, you can also collaborate with YouTubers and feature them in your video and increase your views.

You need to build a community of engaged users and regularly put out your content. On top of that using these five brilliant ways of YouTube marketing can give your channel the boost it has been waiting for.

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