5 Smart Home Products Real Estate Agents Should Know

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Smart homes are one of the leading trends for the 2020s. There are so many devices on the market that allow users to control various parts of their homes. So, future homeowners will be thrilled to find that their dream house already has some of these gadgets.

Considering that smart home products require an internet connection, it is clear they are hackable. In the United States of America we have seen strange security breaches that involved smart thermostats and many more. So, using a VPN server in the USA is a great idea. A VPN will secure and encrypt your internet connection and lower the chances of a security breach.

Real estate agents are usually up to date, so they are well aware of smart home products and the importance of a VPN in the US. But if you want to find out more about these devices and how they can improve every new listing, keep reading!

1.      Phillips Hue – For the Perfect Lighting

Phillips is doing an outstanding job with its light bulbs. The best way to use them is with the Hue app. This well-designed system can control the light in a home and create the perfect atmosphere for homeowners, depending on their preferences.

If you want to activate Hue, make sure to place Phillips light bulbs all over a house. Then you connect them to Wi-Fi, and that is it. Use the phone app for all daily adjustments.

The light bulbs have different options for setting up the lighting to match the mood or the time of the day. Phillips offers various accessories, so users can even connect their TVs or PCs to the app.

2.      Wally – For a Healthy Environment

Future homeowners are not only concerned about the look and size of the property. They also want to live in a healthy environment. So, real estate agents should look into a product called Wally.

Wally is essentially a tiny hub with sensors. These can detect water leaks, changes in temperatures, and mold. If there is a water leak, Wally has a shutoff valve that turns off the water. Users can place the sensors in every room of the house, including the cellar. Then, they can get all of the data via their phone or a computer.

This smart home device is super simple but incredibly useful for maintaining a household. It doesn’t require an installation, so a real estate agent can have it running in no time. Additionally, Wally can be connected to a smart thermometer and maintain an optimal temperature in a home.

3.      August – For Those Who Misplace Their Keys

Misplacing our keys can be a bit of an issue. But August is a smart lock that can help out. This home product is easy to install and use. So, if your potential client is interested in changing the way they enter their future home, August could be the perfect solution.

There are three types of August locks, but they all do the same thing – allow access to anyone who has permission. Once the device is in its place, homeowners should download a mobile app that serves as a key. Then they can create a list of people who have access to their house.

This device is super convenient because you can leave your keys at your workplace and not stress about driving back to retrieve them. Users can also set up temporary keys that last as long as needed.

4.      Nest – For the Perfect Temperature

Nest is undoubtedly the most famous product on this list. This brand offers various home gadgets, but their smart thermostat is the bestseller. After all, it is very affordable and convenient, so that it would be a valuable addition to new property listings.

Users can adjust the thermostat from their phones or tablets through an app. Setting the perfect temperature is not complicated at all. Besides this, the device itself looks very sleek and stylish. Nest offers several different models on their website, with various additional features.

You can select a thermostat that is also a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It adds to the safety factor of a household and makes a listing way more desirable. After all, it shows that a real estate agent is concerned about the potential homeowners’ well-being.

5.      Model 3 – For Water Heating

Heatworks might be a small company, but they are well on their way to revolutionize the world of water heating. Water heaters could create various issues for homeowners. But Model 3 looks promising and will lower your water bills, according to Heatworks.

This water heater is in standby mode until a homeowner needs hot water. Therefore, it is very cost-efficient. You won’t find any metal elements inside, and there is no need for yearly maintenance. But the best part is – Model 3 comes with a mobile app.

Homeowners will be able to control this water heater from their phones but also track stats. These include how much water they use, as well as the overall cost.

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