5 Steps to Build an Epic Entrepreneur House

You never succeed or fail alone. The people you surround yourself with have a huge influence on your success or failure. Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Hence, we must act accordingly. Entrepreneurs who want to grow their minds and business attend conferences, bootcamps, meet ups, and masterminds mainly to surround themselves and learn from uber successful entrepreneurs. However there is a limit on how many events one can attend in a year.
I am currently living in an entrepreneur house in San Diego where every single resident breaths, sleeps, talks, and eats business 24/7. At the Epic Entrepreneur House, we are constantly surrounded by ambitious, driven, and genuine entrepreneurs who share similar values and standards—and that’s a gain for one’s business.
Similar to mastering a foreign language, you learn at a lightning speed when you immerse yourself in an environment that shares similar goals. Living in an entrepreneur house is the dream fraternity or sorority for any ambitious and committed entrepreneur. It will be your fast-lane to success.
Here’s how you can create your own.

Select the Right Entrepreneurs for Your House

This is the most important decision. Period. There’s no point living in a house full of people you don’t get along with. Some entrepreneurs might be great on paper but your personalities might not work well together. Be clear about your goals and living arrangements. Create a questionnaire and conduct group interviews to qualify potential roommates like your future success depends on it—because it does.

Write down qualities you are looking for in a housemate the same way you would for a business partner. You might get along with your roommates, but they might not like each other. Be conscious of everyone’s thoughts and feelings to create a drama-free house.

Reach out to your own personal network and publicly share what you are creating and what kind of entrepreneurs you are looking for. Weak ties can be the solution to your problem.

Create a Structure for Your Entrepreneur House

Just because everyone has a business, it doesn’t mean that one can escape his house responsibilities. At the Epic Entrepreneur House, each member is in charge of one specific house task such as hosting events, managing house staff, paying bills and getting sponsors, or being the in-house communication facilitator.
You can use your house as your city’s entrepreneurial HQ by hosting themed events. By doing so, you can broaden your influence, expand your network, and attract more high-quality people in your life. You can host recurrent mastermind dinners and invite entrepreneurs who haven’t met each other.

Set Goals and Keep Each Other Accountable

It is important to have open and clear communication around the house. The Epic Entrepreneur House runs two hour weekly meetings with every single house member. They use this opportunity to share their wins. However, they also share reasons why they haven’t reached their weekly goals. You can also run hot seats and mini-masterminds.

Schedule a time and day when the whole house can sit down to share their highlights from the past week.

It’s not real until you put it in a calendar.

Find the Right House and Invest in Good Furniture

Once you found the entrepreneurs you want to live with, you need to find a great place to live in! It is important to have a big enough house to host business meetings, weekly masterminds, and potential networking events. Investing in big whiteboards to publicly share your goals, big screens to display presentations, and a common working area can be a good start.

You can also leave an extra room open and use it as an opportunity to host temporary residents or entrepreneurial travelers.

Rent a nice place that inspires you to work even harder. It will fuel you to achieve even more! You also need to think about the city in which you want to create your entrepreneur house. You are going to find more entrepreneurs in New York or Los Angeles than Orlando.

Delegate What You Can Delegate

One key to success is the art of delegation. The Epic Entrepreneur House outsources cleaning, laundry and cooking. They have a private chef who comes in everyday who cooks fresh and healthy meals for the whole house. You can easily spend—and waste—15 hours a week grocery shopping, cooking food, washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning the house.

Those 15+ hours could instead be utilized to expand your business and get more sales. You can gain an extra month by outsourcing house chores—15×52/24 = 32 days! if you were to live alone, you might not have the budget to have a private chef, but having 4-5 housemates makes that luxury a potential reality.

 It’s always more fun to share the summit view with friends who started the success climb with you!

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