5 Things You Can Learn From Heavy Hitter DJ Nicky Rizz

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You have worked your tail off for years without anything to show for it. You even did everything they told you to try: setting goals, practising, waking up early.

All you ever wanted in this life was to attain that one goal. Only. And now, you can’t muster the slightest enthusiasm for it. You want to quit because you have sacrificed too much time chasing a dream that may never come true.

Except, it might. If others, like world-famous heavy hitter DJ Nicky Rizz, did it, why can’t you? I’m sure you have heard of him, but do you know how he became famous?

DJ Nicky started his deejaying career at the tender age of 11. Recalling his first experience performing in front of many people, he says he felt very anxious at first. However, the electric response from the crowd was enough to convince him that he was on the right path. And he has been performing ever since.

Part of what makes DJ Nicky different is his youthful energy and enthusiasm. He has often said that he genuinely likes making people like music, which shines through in his work. The thousands of followers on his social media platforms can also attest to that.

In 2019, DJ Nicky was inducted into the Heavy Hitters DJ Crew, the world-renowned DJ crew based in NYC. As one of the youngest DJs to make it to the big leagues, Nicky’s life is full of lessons one can emulate.

The major lesson is that if you have a dream, don’t ever give up on it. Do whatever it takes to achieve it. Focus on yourself and, most importantly, do the work you need to do to make sure you achieve your goals. For instance, Nicky has always wanted to work at a radio station. He is already on his way there and has twice performed at HOT 97 FM, NYC’s biggest radio station.

When learning how to set himself apart from the rest in his industry, DJ Nicky also learned that branding matters. Your brand is everything. The way you brand and market yourself will determine your visibility. Your visibility will influence your growth.

The other lesson he learned was that growth is important. To attain your big goals, you have to keep growing as a person and as a brand. Uniqueness will make you stand out in the state, the country, and even the entire world.

Additionally, mentorship is very important. His mentor, DJ Camilo, is one of the biggest deejays in the USA and is also a member of the Heavy Hitters crew. Although it’s possible to make it alone, walking in the footsteps of those ahead of you in your industry makes the journey a bit easier.

Lastly, flexibility and adaptability are major requirements for success. As an entertainer used to performing to a live audience, DJ Nicky has had to quickly learn new tricks to keep thousands of his fans entertained during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While clubs and the party scene mostly remain closed, he has released two hit singles and established a major presence on digital music outlets. You can find his music on Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music.


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