5 Tips for Improving Your Mood This Winter

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For many entrepreneurs, the onset of the winter season can bring issues with emotional and mental health. Suddenly, it becomes less comfortable to go out and socialize, and the sun sets earlier, which can negatively impact our mood. In fact, many people struggle with seasonal depression or sadness in the wintertime.

In the Making Bank Podcast, entrepreneurs speak about their lifestyle and business methods that led to them achieving business success. By listening to their suggestions, we can learn how to change our lives and improve our mood, to get us on the right track to happiness this winter season.

1. Pay Attention to Diet and Lifestyle

In Season 6, Episode 22 of the Making Bank Podcast, Barton Scott, the creator of Upgraded Formulas, discusses how diet and lifestyle significantly impact our mindset. Additionally, he says that signs of poor mental functioning like lethargy, brain fog, and anxiety can be a strong indicator that you aren’t getting enough nutrition, which may contribute to your winter woes.

2. Use Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements can improve people’s intake of essential vitamins and minerals and lead to better mental health. In Season 6, Episode 23 of the podcast, guest speaker Shaahin Cheyenne discussed how the supplements his company Herbal Ecstasy created have helped people achieve better mental health. In addition, herbal supplements can help people regain their energy and motivation.

3. Testing for Proper Nutrients

When it comes to things like supplements, vitamins, and minerals, it helps to know what your body is lacking so that you can properly replace it. Barton Scott believes that if you’re not testing your body for nutrients, you’re guessing, which can leave room for error. So, to save time and effort, Scott recommends that people test their hair to get an accurate view of what nutrients their body is missing so that they can restore their mineral balance.

4. Don’t Dwell on Problems – Look for Solutions

When Scott noticed an increase in his issues with brain fog and anxiety, he decided to take action in order to solve them. After doing some tests, he was then able to pinpoint what nutrients his body needed to solve his problems.

While it is easy to accept your poor mental health and hope it passes when winter ends, you too should instead look for ways to solve your problems now and continue to progress in your goals without these roadblocks holding you back. As you begin to reach your goals and set new ones, your confidence will increase, which can create a positive feedback loop and improve your mental health.

5. Make Plans to Reach Your Goals

People’s actions can strongly influence their lives, and in turn, their moods. For example, Cheyenne explains on the podcast that by believing in himself and looking for ways to reach his goals, he felt more empowered and motivated to achieve them.

Likewise, by creating achievable plans toward your success, your mental health can improve, and you can feel better about yourself and your life as a result of your accomplishments. As we make positive changes to feel better and reach our goals, we are more likely to have better performance in business and improved mental health overall.

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