5 Tips to Standout as a Female Business Owner with Hollywood’s “The Best Kept “ Beauty Expert

There’s been a certain stigma that society has let trail women in professional settings, making it impossible to stand out in their career field. Although this stigma descends from a deep-rooted issue within our social hierarchy it’s impossible to ignore that no matter how good someone is in their field of expertise, the data proves that women are continuously overlooked even after over-performing against their male counterparts. So what better way is there to gain an edge as a female business owner then advice straight from a female business owner who is ranked as the top 1% in her field. Meet Doc. Zara Harutyunyan, AGNP-C, Founder of CRMC Aesthetics, she has been highly praised for her extraordinary success story coming from Armenia to build a multi-million dollar business in southern California. These are her five biggest tips on how to stand out as a female business owner. 

Just Start

If you have ever had any sort of idea that you thought would change your life, odds are the only thing that held you back was starting. In our society, it has become so easy to just project our ideas and talk about what we want to do rather than take action to fulfill our goals. 

So it comes as no surprise when the first piece of advice from Zara is to just start. She is a firm believer in forcing yourself to step out of your comfort zone! Such as starting something new – the second you come out of your comfort zone, yes it’ll be awkward, weird, uncomfortable, BUT the outcome will be worthwhile according to Zara!

Focus on Your Why  

All great things in life stem from a strong foundation, a million-dollar mansion couldn’t just be built on grass it needs a foundation just as much as your million dollar dream. If you’re in a stage of your life that you have yet to identify your ‘why’ that should be at the top of your priority list as that is what will keep you going through the inevitable periods of adversity. 

So in Zara’s words “focus on that ONE thing that is pushing you to pursue a business. Whenever you identify that ONE thing, always keep that in the back of your mind.”

Growth Begins from Your Roots 

People love to hear about rags to riches stories, but why? Seeing someone come from the most humble of beginnings being able to work their way to the top and have the years of hard work pay off tends to help us all believe it’s possible for everyone. But the most impactful stories are hearing about the people who made it without straying too far from their roots. 

Zara’s response to the prompt “Remember where you came from – don’t be scared to change. Growth comes with changing; whether that means changing professionally with a new start-up business or personally, but always remember where you come from – this truly inspires people around you!”

Don’t  Fear to Accept Challenges 

Everyone who has ever created a legacy for themselves had one thing in common, they have all failed at some point and they learned from those failures rather than letting them hold their potential back. It’s what separates the great from the average. 

Zara’s take on failure “Don’t be scared to fail. Success comes with a few times of falling. Things are changing every day! In life there are many gains and losses, our gains are satisfying, but our losses give us the extra push to keep trying harder.”

Be the Leader You Always Needed 

Most importantly in this list of tips to stand out as a female business owner is to become the leader you’ve always wanted in your life. Strive to lead by example, and strive to create an environment in your business that encapsulates growth. Be the boss you have always wished to have. Always be the person you would want to have as YOUR own boss.

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