5 Types of Real Estate Agents You Should Avoid At All Costs

Detect the warning signs early so you can escape before it’s too late.

You want to find a good real estate agent, but don’t know where to start. Even though you’ve gotten a few offers, you feel a bit unsure. How do you know who you can trust – and who you can’t?

If you’re about to sell your house or apartment, there are 5 types of real estate agents you must avoid at all costs. Below, we will go into each of them so you can know what to look for.

1. Energy Zappers

It becomes obvious when you’ve been talking to the person on the phone for a while, or after corresponding back and forth on email a few times. You feel drained when you see them, and just know that the conversation is going to zap you.

The simple solution here is to avoid these kinds of agents. Respectfully end your communication with them, and then shut them out of your life. Don’t return any text messages, emails, or phone calls if they keep trying to contact you.

2. The Puker

Wherever you go, whether to the mall, work, or the tube station, they will quickly appear from a distance. That’s because you can hear them, constantly talking out loud and going on about whatever, “Me-me-me.”

It’s almost like they’re throwing up on everyone they talk to. They continually vomit new information at you, never letting you speak. You don’t feel heard, or like they care about you and your concerns.

A real estate agent who doesn’t listen is not a good real estate agent. Just don’t get involved with them.

3. The Topper

This kind of agent listens with interest to what you have to say, and about other offers you’ve just received. For example, you might have gotten a 10% discount on the previous agent’s services. Then the topper says “Hey, I heard about that one as well, but I can easily top it. They give you 10%, I can give you 20!”

The topper is an insecure agent who is desperate about demonstrating their expertise. Whatever offer you have gotten, they will say that they can top it. This seems like a good thing which will land you great deals, but most of the time, they will find some way to make it seem like they’re giving you a better offer, when actually, they aren’t. These agents should not be trusted.

To avoid falling into the trap of such “great deals,” there are many free tools you can use to compare real estate agents up front. Some examples are UpNest in the US, and Eiendomsmegler For Deg in Norway. By doing a little research, it will be easier to avoid the many bad real estate agents out there.

4. The Whiner

The whiner is an energy zapper with training wheels. They’re always down the dumpster, depressed, talking about bad stories or incidents, how the economy is not quite right, that one thing might have worked there but probably won’t work here, etc.

They will struggle with offering positive and creative solutions to any challenges that might come up, and they lack resourcefulness. Avoid these ones as well.

5. The Vulture

The vulture is a clever bird which is very hard to detect. It looks majestic from a distance, but the closer you get, you find that it’s a very ugly bird. The closer you get to a real estate vulture, the more evident their bad traits become.

They will reel you in with false promises, much like the topper. They try to show interest in what you’re doing, but their purpose is only to pitch their business opportunity or real estate deal. If you feel that they’re trying to push you into making a choice instead of making the one that’s best for you, that’s a bad sign.

In Conclusion

The common traits of bad real estate agents are negativity, self-centeredness, and a knack for dishonesty (or at least not complete honesty). In order to protect yourself from falling into their traps, you must avoid them at all costs.

Using simple comparison sites or just taking your time to thoroughly speak with several agents will make it easier to find the right one for your needs. A final tip would be to ask for recommendations from friends and family members, who have been happy with certain agents in the past. Good luck!



Written by Geir Kristiansen

My name is Geir Kristiansen. I have the last 20 years worked in Norways biggest newspapers writing content and creating interview pieces. Writing about pretty much anything that readers find interesting. Now I work freelance! Looking forward to joining Influencive and contributing with high quality content.

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