5 Unmistakable Traits of Business Owners Who Grow Their Business Every Year According to Cory Mosley, Principal and Founder, Mosley Strategy Group

Everyone loves growth. Success leaves clues, and business owners who continue to grow year after year have acquired a set of habits and traits that they apply to their businesses to keep them positioned to win.

The good news is any business type or size can adopt these traits to get on the path to accelerated growth. 

You have to be willing to take action, get hyper-focused and remain open-minded. Let’s look at the five unmistakable traits of business owners who grow their business every year:

Trait #1 – Refined Sales Tunnel

There is a big misconception in the industry when it comes to the term “sales funnel.”

Every business must have a solid sales funnel to grow sales. Period. 

An unrefined sales funnel can significantly limit your business’ revenue potential because it results in insufficient client attraction, follow-up and customer decision conversion.

A refined sales funnel will always include clear talking points about your business, a conversion-focused website, lead generator, and campaigns to nurture and facilitate the closure of deals. 

Trait #2 – Markets Clearly to Ideal Audience

Business owners who aren’t afraid to get very specific on who they are targeting for new businesses are the best positioned to grow sales.

Breaking free from attempting to serve everyone across areas such as entry-level versus premium products or low ticket versus high ticket services will allow you to go deeper into the understanding and relationship with your customer.

Successful business owners also understand that as a product or service may evolve, so may the ideal buyer.

Trait #3 – Continuous Investment in Developing Their Team

The concept of continuous learning inside high-growth companies is treated as an action item.

Sales techniques, marketing sources, and artificial intelligence are just a few business areas that continue to evolve rapidly.

These changes make it a business owner’s responsibility to commit to staying at the front of the learning curve if growth is a priority.

Trait #4 – Executes a Simplify to Multiply Strategy

The best growth strategies are usually counterintuitive. Consistently profitable business owners aim to find simplification opportunities in their operations, systems, and offerings.

They never allow the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” philosophy to control their business.

Trait #5 – Decisive Decision Making

High-growth business owners are decisive decision makers. They look at an issue, determine the best course of action, and then execute.

There is no such thing as paralysis by analysis in the world of a business owner who grows their business every year.

About Cory Mosley

Cory Mosley, CSP, is an award-winning business strategist, speaker, and coach. For almost two-decades, Cory has been dedicated to one thing, helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations grow. Accredited as a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association, Cory has spoken internationally on business growth topics like sales, marketing, human capital, operations, and mindset.

His past client list includes family-owned small businesses and major corporations like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Berkshire Hathaway, and BBDO. Currently, Cory is the company principal of Mosley Strategy Group, where he trains and coaches business owners nationwide through his Cory Mosley Business Academy on how to increase revenues, gain a competitive edge, and thrive in the new economy.  For more info visit corymosley.com/

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