5 Useful Content Marketing Tools

In order to be efficient in content marketing, you need to know what tools to pick. There are several tools you can use that will help your business with promotion, marketing, management and creating content.

It is essential to select the right tools as it can make your life a lot easier. Below are some of the popular content marketing tools that almost all successful entrepreneurs use.

Content Marketing Platforms

The majority of bloggers use WordPress and integrate a content marketing platform into it. Content marketing software can help your marketing efforts by providing you with all the tools you require in one place.


Hubspot invests a lot of money in their own content marketing and are known to be pioneers and leaders in inbound marketing. You can easily install Hubspot on your WordPress blog or even host your blog/website on their platform. Hubspot allows you to integrate blogs, email marketing, SEO, Social media sharing and also to lets you provide real-time analytics of website traffic.

Conversion Optimization

In order to be effective with content marketing, you need to work on converting your traffic into email subscribers which can then convert into sales.

You can split test different offers to different segments of your subscribers and study your visitors to determine how to increase sales. In order to do this, here is a great optimization tool:


SumoMe is a great tool to use if you have a blog. They provide several features to content marketers such as social sharing buttons, heat maps, analytics and email opt-in boxes. I currently use SumoMe for my own blog, and It’s great. Their features are free to use, and they also provide the option to upgrade to the Pro version which has even more features.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is extremely important and useful if you need to increase traffic to your blog or even increase sales. You can build an email subscriber database, share your content with them, keep in touch, nurture leads and even do research to see what kind of products they like to buy.

Below are some great tools to build an email list and automate the process:


MailChimp is considered one of the most popular email marketing platforms. Users can use it for free for up to 2,000 subscribers and then pay a minimal fee per month to increase the list. It is extremely user-friendly as well. They provide analysis on each campaign you send to subscribers and give data on total clicks, subscribers, people who opt out and several other metrics.


Infusionsoft is also a great tool to use as it is more advanced and can be integrated into the website. It will help you to keep track of your leads, contact email addresses, allow you to automate emails without having to do anything and also help you to sell products.

It is a bit expensive and can cost about $200 per month, but it is worth using when revenues are increasing and you are looking to scale the business.

Project Management

In order to scale your business, production, and promotion you need to use a project management tool.


CoSchedule is used to help writers and editors plan and manage their content marketing calendar. It can also help schedule social media sharing as well.


Trello is a great tool that is used to collaborate with your team. You can assign tasks within the platform and send it to your team to view. When each task is performed you can mark it as complete and move it to a separate section to show the work has been done. You can manage your employee work from within it and monitor how much work has been completed for a specific project.

Social Media

Creating content is important, but what is the point of content when no one is reading it? There are several tools you should use to promote that content with followers.


Buzzsumo is a great and powerful tool that can be used to enter keywords to see what content is trending. The service shows you what has been shared the most with the relevant keywords. It also provides you with data on which person has shared the post.


HootSuite and Buffer offer the same services. However, I feel that HootSuite has a better dashboard. It will allow you to schedule the posts to be shared on all social media networks. You can add up to 3 social profiles to your HootSuite account for free and set the time and day to promote that post. This will help in automating the process and will allow you to focus on other aspects of the business.


Search engine optimization is also an important tool when writing content. Each post you publish should be SEO-friendly and optimized so search engines like google and bing can index those articles. SEO will help get ongoing traffic and will allow your website to rank higher on search engines for your keywords.

SEM Rush

SEMrush is by far one of the most advanced tools to use for SEO. It will provide you with keyword research, ad data, tracking and analysis data.

If you are already using these tools let us know in the comment section how they have improved your business or if you know of any other cool tools that I have missed out on comment below.


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